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    Hey guys, I am looking to buy a gas gun. I am thinking about buying a Glock, WE G18C to be specific (unless you have any other recommendations under $150 for a Glock 18). But anyway, I want to know a little bit about gas guns first. Moslty I want to know just about everything, from what the different gasses are to how long each magazine will go for (bb wise), but I have a couple questions to get started... 1) How much gas does it take to fill up a magazine? 2) How many bb's can get shot out of the fully-gassed up magazine? 3) What is the difference between green gas and propane? 4) And do all gas guns take both propane and green gas? Thanks so much in advance!
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    ...or you can read the threads, and do the research yourself. use the search function on this site and keyword: gasses, filling mags, gas efficiency. green gas vs propane..

    you know, its like google... you can even use google.

    the internet is amazing. no need for spoon feeding

    with all due respect
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    Get down on the ground and drop the WE. Haha, but really we is known to be one of the most unreliable GBB makers in airsoft. With your price range you could get a KWA, KSC, or a used TM. Look at those guns. They will be more reliable in the end.
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    Please don't get a WE G18C. They're riddled with problems (as i've heard).

    Buy a use KSC/KWA G18C for around $100.

    My KWA Glock 19 would shoot 5-6 more shots than the magazine could hold.

    If you're going to use propane, you need to put silicone in the adapter or in the magazine.

    Green gas is pretty much propane with silicone. It's just a dumbed down version for people who don't want to silicone their propane.

    For my TM Glock 17, it takes around 4-5 seconds of Propane to fill the magazine. I get around 28-35 shots from a 26 round magazine.

    If you want a Glock 17, my TM is for sale for $155. LNiB =D

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    Just PM me for any specific questions
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    i recently bought 2 we g18c's. one is working fine, the other one messed up the first time i used it in game (something's preventing the slide from going all the way forward lol). also i bought several of the extended mags with the big blocky thing on the bottom - all of those developed up and get a ksc instead (i wish i would've lol)
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    Thanks guys, I got all my questions answered. And thanks Shifty for the links, I'll check them out for good measure.