How to Increase the Range and Accuracy of your Airsoft Gun

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    Ever have issues with just not being able to hit your target? Well lets take a look at some easy fixes for that.

    The first step in increasing your Airsoft's range and accuracy is to inspect it to determine if any minor damage or wear and tear has happened to the gun. If you are suddenly not able to make hits like you used to, this could be your problem, especially when it comes to gas seals and o-rings.

    Another idea is to place your Airsoft gun in a gun sling. This is a fundamental aspect of marksmanship that has been trained in both sports and military shooting for generations. The sling, if used right, can become as steady as a bipod.

    Shooting Voodoo clip about the basics of using a sling with a rifle. The same concepts apply to airsoft with the exception of felt recoil.

    Lubricate and Clean Your Airsoft Gun

    This is another method of increasing accuracy and range, and you would start by taking out all ammunition out the gun. You would then wipe down the pellets and the gun itself so that it will be dirt and debris-free. Your gun should perform better after doing this.

    You may also want to experiment with different brands of pellets as some report better accuracy.

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    Consider Upgrading Your Airsoft Gun

    Many airsoft players upgrade their guns periodically and sometimes this is needed to improve accuracy and range. Do you research on which Airsoft guns are the best for accuracy and range, and you can also get recommendations from fellow team members. Another idea is to keep your current gun but make upgrades to its' internal parts.

    You should attach a stronger hop up backing feature to the airsoft gun because a high quality hop up backing will keep the pellets from drifting in various directions when shooting the gun, and the tight bore barrel can be used on the airsoft gun so that you will have better range and accuracy.

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    Get A Good Grip On The Gun

    As with any marksmanship, remember your fundamentals. You have to ensure you have that good strong grip on the gun and that you squeeze the trigger, not slap it. By slapping it you will pull the muzzle off target. It is important that you hold on to the gun in a firm manner as this ensures a better range and accuracy.

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    Talk To Experienced Airsoft Players

    If there are players on your team who seem to always have excellent range and accuracy with their Airsoft guns, talk with them so you can get an idea of how you can improve in this area. Go with them to their practice sessions and observe the techniques they use to perform better in games.

    Airsoft is a challenging but rewarding sport, and beginners may struggle to get the right accuracy and range but with practice and the use of these suggestions, they will do well in their future games. There are also books you can read on the subject and sometimes you can attend seminars that feature Airsoft experts who can discuss how to improve accuracy and range.
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    ...This article was kinda lazy, honestly. You didn't even mention adjusting hop-up, cleaning the barrel, etc. Also, wiping down BBs is kinda pointless. Just keep them in a clean, sealed container and be done with it.

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