How to Make an Airsoft Suppressor/Silencer (with tutorial link)

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    I've been hearing a lot of talk and conversation about how to make your own suppressors at home. A lot of people attempt to make them, but many aren't good. So, I'll be teaching you how to make one now. The things you will need are PVC, Air conditioning foam, knife (or any cutting tool), duct tape, a washer, spray paint, and gorilla glue (adhesive). There will be sub-categories for this article: "Internals", "Externals 1", Externals 2", and "Putting It On The Gun". First, you will need to cut the PVC to a link of your preference link, I personally think 10 inches (25.4 mm) or less is great since some of the suppressor will be used to hold the suppressor onto the gun!

    You will want to get the air conditioning foam and put biffles out of the sides. I recommend putting 2 on each side and doing only as much as it takes up half of the length (your gun needs to have somewhere to grip onto) Then you put the pipe filling inside the PVC. If it is loose, then use the duct tape and wrap the top and bottom sides until it is quite tight. Once you are finished with this, move on to the EXTERNALS 1.

    External 1:
    Once the pipe filling is in, put the washer on the end of the suppressor. You will need to use the glue (or whatever you are using) and and put a layer of glue on the foam and PVC facing the bullet exit. You need to balance the suppressor, I recommend a vice, and put something relatively weighted on top, so that the washer is on tightly. This process should be finished in 2-3 hours if you are using Gorilla Glue, but waiting a day is a safe thing to do. Once you are done with this, move on to EXTERNALS 2

    External 2:
    Now that the glue is dry and the washer is in place, it is time to paint (unless you want your suppressor the way it is). Sand off the pipe so that it is coarse and rough, so that the spray paint sticks tougher and it is better looking. Spray paint and wait as long as the paint(s) say it takes to dry, and you are finished.

    Putting It On The Gun:
    If the suppressor slides off and on, is wobbly on the gun, or isn't working in general, wrap something that can be thickened (like duct tape) and wrap around barrel until it is quite tight.

    If you have any further concerns, leave a comment. If you don't have an account, DM me on Twitter @MarkItDownGTV ( Also, check out my YouTube channel @MarkItDownGamingTV ( where you can see me do a video tutorial(link at top)! Thanks for reading, and happy airsofting!!
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