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    This is made in conjunction with my guide on pictures found here:

    Now I would like to establish that many people have different writing styles, the way I layout my ads aren't the be all end all by any means, if you find there's a more effective way for you, by all means use it. I just really want to help establish a basic guideline to help people learn to properly create an aesthetically pleasing ad because as a potential buyer/trader it makes the work a lot easier. I personally use something reminiscent of the old "four square" you used in 4th grade when you wrote about your summer vacation, I hated the constraint of it at the time, but for something like this, it can help break down your gun into the specific sections.

    When looking at an ad, I look for organization and how the seller comes off (mature/responsible). By having your set of rules, having a fleshed out description using paragraphs, using proper spelling/grammar, and acting like an adult you definitely give off a good vibe from someone who’s looking to find his new gun.

    1. Start with your rules

    Feel free to use mine as a guideline, you can modify them to fit your needs.

    -PayPal only
    -I have a right to both not sell to someone and/or not accept your offer
    -No lowballs
    -Gun sold as is unless there is a major mistake on my part, buy your own insurance
    -I ship USPS from 53189 with Delivery Confirmation and tracking provided by myself, insurance is on your own
    -I always will look at reasonable offers
    -I always can get more pictures

    Using this list I have presented almost all the information about myself as a seller that isn't ad specific. I establish I don't want trades, I take only PayPal, where/how I ship from, and what would happen if something arrives damaged (big). Having an established set of basic rules can help speed up the process of getting all the information a buyer needs before he decides he's interested in your item and wants to contact you. As a buyer, I also highly recommend you read this first before contacting the seller questions that are already stated in the ad waste time. Many of these things in your rules should be reiterated in the closing statement.

    Selling Guns


    2. Provide a basic overview
    This is your grand opening, here you want to provide as much condensed information as you can. Get down the basics, talk about the original gun's brand, how old it is, how many rounds, it's background (loaner, got in trade, first gun, etc.) Bring up what the gun comes with, specs (being FPS, RPS, range, and accuracy) if you don't know the specs, say so but try to give a rough estimate (ie if it's a stock JG, say it's a stock JG and performs on par). Mention what’s wrong with the gun (if applicable). If there are minor scratches, say so but you don’t need details just yet. It's also nice to throw in your best salesman pitch you can. Talk about the pros of the item, don't exaggerate but do explain what makes the item worth buying. Mention things that aren't included with the whatever you're selling.


    3. Talk about the Externals
    Here is a good spot to talk about any damage to the externals, mention everything small things to you can be a big deal to someone else, it's best to be safe. If there's anything unique about the externals (full trademarks, only very minor scratches/none at all, if it comes with extras, etc), mention them. If you really want to be in depth (say it's a ground up build/completely franken) you could list every part from front to back/back to front.


    4. Talk about the internals
    This is arguably the most important part. When you talk about them, be sure to be very precise with what you say. If everything is stock, it shouldn’t be too hard. If there are upgrades, mention what they are, who did them (you, your tech, some guy on the forum), and what condition they’re in. When you talk about your upgrades make sure to list brands, how many rounds through the gearbox, and if you have been inside the gearbox, any anomalies or “worry points” you’d like to point out. When posting upgrades, it's helpful to list the upgrades with hyphens rather than in paragraph form, much easier on the eyes.


    5. Give a closing statement
    At the end of the thread, you should reiterate. Restating the price, that you take PayPal (or whatever else), a trade list, and anything else you find you need to post should be posted down here to bring earlier stuff back to the front of a potential buyer's mind.

    Now, obviously with accessories/parts you don't need to go that deep. For parts a brief description of how old it it/how much use it has as well as obviously the brand and what it actually is is enough. For accessories, I would just provide what your basic overview would consist of, but with a little more detail on the externals.
    TIPS ON SELLING/Being a good seller


    1. Use paragraphs, cramming it all into one large wall of text is annoying and hard on some people’s eyes. Notice how this guide was spread out and separated, it helps presentation. Don't abuse it though, put separation where a general idea ends and a new one begins.

    2. CAPS LOCK IS CRUISE CONTROL FOR COOL. But you still need to steer, seriously, don’t abuse capital letters.

    3. Use proper spelling/grammar. Now it doesn’t need to be perfect but the forum rules apply, no txt sp33k.

    4. I personally don’t like the whole “text me” ordeal, quite frankly, I don’t like giving my # out to strangers who enjoy shooting other humans on the weekend with replica guns. In case there is an issue I’d prefer the luxury of having all of your conversations stored on the same website as the ad was posted on. Same goes with emailing, its a hassle, keep it on the forum.

    5. Post pictures, if you can’t post pics, I’d advise not posting an ad. Most people won't drop any cash without some evidence. Posting pictures does not mean one you copy pasted from Evike, get your own. Don't tell people to text you for pics either, please reference my guide on how to upload pictures it's easier on everyone. It's much more professional to provide a picture right off the bat. Timestamp is also very helpful, a timestamp should consist of you writing on a piece of paper which will sit next to a gun as you take a picture of it for the Classifieds. What I would recommend writing is your username, the forum, the date, and if you’re feeling fancy, the time. Again, avoid needing to email/text.

    6. Show DETAILS!

    7. DON’T USE THE DESCRIPTION PROVIDED BY THE MANUFACTURER/WHERE YOU BOUGHT IT! Using your own description is much more helpful, reposting manufacturer specs is annoying and doesn’t really tell us much besides the fact you can copypaste like a champion. Due to the nature of airsoft guns they do wear down over time and that isn't reflected with the manufacturer's specs. Not to mention that usually they have really unnecessary info that you're forced to go over.

    8. Reiterate, think about this. After a buyer has read your ad to the bottom he’s gonna remember the last thing you said the best. This goes for all writing, it is very helpful to reiterate important tips to them at the very end to help bring what you consider important to the front of their mind.

    9. Reply promptly, don’t make people way a day, or 2 days, or even 3 to get a reply to their offer. I understand some things come up or you don’t always have access to the internet, but it can be aggravating to not hear back from a seller, especially if you look at their last online being after you sent the message.

    10. Listen to potential buyers. When somebody comments or PM’s you something regarding on how to improve your ad, take it into consideration. That doesn’t mean let someone threadcrap all over the place and make the poor mods clean up the deuce-fest but if someone politely offers a way to improve your ad, it would be in your best interest to reply politely and maybe follow the advice.
    Sparky D has also written an excellent guide on avoiding scamming. There is both buyer and seller advice in there and if you haven’t read it yet, you should.
    Please make sure you follow all rules regarding the Classifieds and the site in general. Ignoring to do so may result in ad removal or a ban.

    I would also like to thank both mods NJnewland and Sparky D for some advice on my guide(s). As much as you may hate them for deleting your thread/ad all the mods here are good guys and much more reasonable than some other mods I've dealt with in the past. Okay, I'm done with the suckup stuff.

    Please if you have anything you think should be in here regarding how to do anything or recommendations for a good seller, please state them. I’m very much okay with constructive criticism, as long as it is constructive.
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    Good write up. I think people should be required to read something like this before posting an ad in the classified section.

    Only thing I will say is not to many people want to read a whole page of paragraphs. I personally think a bullet list is much easier to read.

    Ill use my ICS M4 as an example.
    If I were to list it this is how I would list it.

    ICS M4

    -G&P polycarb piston
    -Modify aluminum piston head with bearings
    -Steel spring guide
    -M110 spring
    -AMP T5000 motor
    -Modify Nozzle
    -Modify Aluminum cylinder head
    -Stock Lower ICS gear box
    -Systema hop-up unit & bucking
    -madbull 6.03 TBB
    -Re-shimmed & greased
    -Low resistance wiring

    If you were to is write all this up in a paragragh it would get wordy and hard to read. The system above is much easier to read. I would still put a description and all that but when listing the upgrades it's easier to read in bullet form instead of paragraph.

    ---Other stuff I have to say---

    Along with the whole picture thing I am going to add, Don't ask people to email you for pictures. There are many ways to add the pictures right to the AD and takes at most 5 minutes. Makes a huge difference when people can see the pictures. No one is going to buy something without seeing it first. Also if you post them in the AD you only have to post them once instead of emailing multiple people.

    Another tip is : If someone posts a question in your AD about the item, Answer it in the AD instead of saying PM'D. Chances are someone has that same question and is looking for an answer. Kill 2 birds with one stone.
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    You make very good points, usually I instinctively just list it but there are definitely people who don't, I'll edit the post to reflect this.

    On the topic of questions, usually I just PM the user and then edit the post to clarify anything since the no posting/bumping for 24 hours (though editing bumps the post automatically anyways).
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    True, I just hate it when someone asks and the seller responds with pm'd but doesn't answer the question in the AD or modify the post to answer it. It would be like in school if a student asked a question and the teacher went up to the student and wisperd the answer in thier ear... Chances are someone else in the class had the same question.
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    Great post, Sniperfifer.

    Something else I'd just mention for buyers if it wasn't put somewhere else: I personally hate it when people reply in the ad with "I'm interested, PM me." It's essentially a waste of time. Instead of telling the seller to PM you, take the initiative and PM the seller with whatever you need to discuss. It moves things along much faster.
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    Hm. You guys touched on some of my pet peeves. "Text me" "PM me" "free bump"
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    Thanks for taking the time to put this together. Sticky'd.

    Agreed. It's very annoying when people leave a post like that in my ads.
    Especially since I make it more than clear that if you have ANYTHING to say, PM me.
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    thanks for adding in my knowledge, Really wonderful.
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    Whats a bump?

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    Where you post the word "bump" on your classified, because it refreshes your ad to the top of the front page.
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    I've noticed people are starting to omit crucial information like the location of the item by simply blanking it out or adding a "," in place of it. Personally, I won't even give the ad my attention no matter what cause if it does turn out to be a scam, you've only yourself to blame for ignoring the writing on the wall. And that's like on top of the lack of decent pictures/description. Add to that the low post count and so on and so on.
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    Awesome guide, very helpful indeed.
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    San Jose
    This will be my first time selling and these are some great advice, thanks!
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    I would like to post an ad but I don't see an option for such. Please be patience as my tech savy is not that of a younger person. Please help me.
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    Figured I figured it out but do thank you for your invested time.
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    Yeas your right

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