How to properly trade and sell guns

Discussion in 'General Airsoft Discussion' started by rileymccann, Sep 25, 2012.

  1. rileymccann

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    Okay, so i know how to do transactions over paypal, but, as some of you may know, I have listed up a few of my guns. How would I go about trading though? If not through PayPal, (I dont know if it is possible without a currency),then how do you go about safely trading with somebody.

    Ex: I trade my gun for another persons gun, and they live in Iowa.I live in California. Can somebody who knows how/has done it before please tell me the best way to do it?

    You might as well post how to do money transactions for other peoples guns, so that i can make this into a guide and other people wont have to ask this.

  2. Protectionperfection

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    The way I do things selling or trading is the other person ships first if they have equal or less feedback than me or any neg or neutral feedback. If they are buying, money first then gun. If they are trading, they ship first no matter what because I have the right to check the weapon before sending mine in return. If it's a partial trade+cash then I have them send cash first to take it off the market and then send the gun when paypal clears. Of course if I have dealt with them or know some one who has dealt with them before it's a different story. Just make sure you get a complete description of what you are getting and that they ship first

  3. ld513

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    One way to do it is agree to buy eachother's items for equal prices through paypal. That's a safe way to trade with a small fee to make sure you aren't getting screwed.
  4. IHOP

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    This of course is not possible all the time as it is possible people trade because they don't have money, just stuff.
  5. theonlyBuster

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    In my honest opinion, trading should be avoided when possible. Too many dishonest people to worry about.
    I ONLY consider trading if the other member has been around for a while, has sold/purchased a few guns on the forum, doesn't have a bad rap, has racked up quite a bit of USEFUL RELEVANT posts, and has good communication.
    But even then, it's still a stretch.

    In short, do homework and look into the other user. You can request the other person pay then when both items are received a refund is given, but then it gets questionable. On top of that, often if someone wants to trade it's because they don't have the money to spend to begin with.

    For these reasons I tend to trade locally. I've been fortunate to have flawless trades via forums, but I leave very little to question. Actually I think my first 2 trades were on this very forum.
    But in short, avoid it.
  6. 703

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    The way trading works is you agree on a trade, One person ships the item to other party, Once item is recieved they send out thier item.

    The whole issue with trading is a lot of times you will get the "I don't ship first" debate. Both parties refuse to ship first so it goes no where. Same time shipping NEVER works. I wouldn't even suggest trying it.

    When I first started my online B/S/T I was always told less feedback ships first for a trade... This is the only "Fair" way to decide. This only applies if they have all positive.

    Just make sure to get all information about the gun. If possibly get a shooting video.
  7. DualNature

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    If i ever do a trade, i go thru the USPS with a tracking code.
    If im trading for a gun (i replied to there classified) then i ship first, and message them via text the tracking code. As soon as they get it, they ship out to me and give me that tracking code.
    I was going to do a trade for my XDM and the guy brought up a great point that i have never thought of before..
    If someone was dishonest enough they could just put a book in the box to make you think they really shipped out.
    So you should always be careful and skeptical on the internet

    It usualy takes a week to arrive at there place, so if i have no tracking code by then i recall the package :)
  8. 703

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    I would advise against the whole shipping it out once you recieve a tracking #. A lot can happen from the time you get the tracking number to when the other person gets the package... I wouldn't ship my item out until I recieved yours in my hand.

    Also you can't recall a package if they already recieved it. The mail man isn't going to go knocking on the door and be like. Hey that package you recieved last week, Umm it was recalled so I have to take it back.
  9. rileymccann

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    the guy I want to trade one of my guns withs name is Leonidas, I have been texting him for a while, and he seems honest, and he has a good amount of posts.
  10. Fyzix

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    I demand that the other person ship first. I know that I will go through on my end, but I don't know that he will. And if he does go through with it, I don't know whether I'll be getting a G&P M4 with super 1337 upgrades, or a DPMS Panther Arms KittyKat with screwed internals.

    However, the person on the other end is probably thinking the same thing. Lol.
  11. 703

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    I'm thinking the same thing as you :D And like you said most people do. This is the main reason trading is hard because no one wants to ship first.
  12. Sparky_D

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    My personal rule of thumb is never trade unless it's face to face or with a well known and respected, active member on the forums.

    That typically eliminates the riff-raff.
  13. soviet

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    Leonids is fine. He's respected. I somehow doubt he'd scam you. Besides he owns Sparta :p
  14. rileymccann

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    Haha ok
    he keeps rushing me tho ....but its not that big of a deal