How to put something on the classifieds

Discussion in 'Beginners Forum' started by robbinsrider, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. robbinsrider

    robbinsrider New Member

    Want to put a gun on the classifieds
  2. Archer627

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    You can't if you are on the app. However, if you go Ina browser you will notice that there is a classifieds tab. Click it and you should see a create new classified button. Fill it out and you're done.

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  3. fradd

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    Sorry for kind of thread jacking, but TS might wanna know this too:

    Does the buyer pay through Pay-pal first, or does the seller send the gun first?
    How do you know somebody won't scam you?
  4. JakeBworth

    JakeBworth New Member

    This is how it usually goes...
    1)Buyer Pays though PayPal
    2)Seller Ships
    If the seller never ships or sends you an empty box, just cancel your PayPal transaction.
    Also, Only deal with people who have reputable feedback.
  5. Sparky_D

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  6. 703

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    Usually when you buy something you send the money first. Pretty much like a store. However some people might go by feedback and if you have none they might ask you to send the item first.

    You don't. Thats why you deal with people that have feedback / are legit and get contact information.

    You can't just cancel your paypal transaction. You have to go through a dispute and then a claim & then paypal reviews it..etc. this takes time. Sometimes it doesn't end up in your favor so you loose... I had this happen to me on ebay. Purchased something, Returned it because it didn't work. Didn't get my money back so I went through paypal. Paypal reviewed it and for some reason because of the type of claim they couldn't do anything... However all my other times I got my money back.

    Make sure to keep all PM's & txt messages / other "text" related conversations incase something happens. This way you have proof.
    Also when buying / Trading / or selling make a video of you opening the box when you get it or packing it up so the other party can't say you sent them a broken product.