How to sell your airsoft gun?

Discussion in 'Beginners Forum' started by Bearb, Sep 9, 2012.

  1. Bearb

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    I've played airsoft for a year now, and I still can't seem to know how to sell a gun, I have all the high quality parts like systema and guarder, but no one gains insterest in it or they just don't like the look,

    Any tips?
  2. marine121496

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    Put a reasonable price, and bump for days on end in the classifieds.

  3. JakeBworth

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    Here is the biggest thing you need to know.
    When selling an airsoft gun, you need to list a price of what it is worth to the buyers, not you the seller.
  4. Bearb

    Bearb New Member

    So lets say my gun is worth 1,200 new.

    And I sell it for 600 would that be good? Or should I lower?
    Cause that is what I have it at now.
  5. TheCaptainAlmighty

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    We'd need to know every detail. And these days, people aren't willing to spend that much on a gun, especially at once. Best bet is to keep posting it, and do it on multiple forums. We can't tell you to lower or raise a price, because we don't know what you have on it. It could be a Polar Star, or it could be JG you spent $600 on. I know you said $1,200, but we're looking at a general view. You need to let people in on every detail, or you won't get any interest. I personally hate it when people buy something for $150, and they want to turn it around and sell it for $125. That's stupid, and you won't ever get any buyer for it, unless they're as stupid as the person selling it. You can buy a Porsche for $40,000, but as soon as it rolls out of that lot, in your possession, it is now worth $32,000 at best.
  6. rich635

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    What, the MK18? Problem might be you're valuing it too high. Systema if anything decreases the gun's value (joke, but half true) and you just might be expecting too much. I find that unless it's a collector's piece, not, many people are in the market for expensive stuff. Newbies with a high budget would rather buy new from a retailer, and really your only market is people trying to move other high end stuff, AKA trading. If you're looking for primarily cash, chances are the people who see that listing compared to the people who are in the market for an expensive upgraded M4 is tiny, and sometimes those people just aren't interested. As for trades, being picky doesn't help much, obviously have some common sense but occasionally you just have to negotiate and agree. If someone's interested and has something of almost equal value to what you have that you want then keep negotiating, unless one side explicitly refuses (which I didn't ;)) Also try listing it in as any places as you can find. Ebay, Craigslist, other forums, etc. More viewers=higher chance of someone being interested.
  7. 703

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    Good tips to selling a gun

    1. Post a reasonable price. No one is going to pay retail for your gun. You WON'T get your money back for the upgrades.

    2. Post it on mulitple forums. Craigslist, loacal fields, here, Ebay, airsoft forum, etc...

    3. PICTURES. Take lots of them and make sure they have natural lighting (outside on a relativly sunny day) and use a good camera. Upload the photos to photobucket or some other site and post the pictures in the ad so they show up on screen. Maybe it's just me but I hate clicking on links to peoples photos.

    4. Video. Take a video of the gun shooting. This lets buyers know the gun works.

    5. Part List. Post the entire part list of what upgrades you have in it. People are going to ask you so you minus well list it. Saying it has a bunch of systema and guarder means nothing.

    6. Describe the gun, How much was it used, Who put the parts in, Problems if any. Don't keep any information from the buyer.

    Generally if your gun is not selling your price is to high.
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  8. GreenListerine

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    Sometimes I would rather not hear the "I spent $1200 on this gun"...
    I instantly think, "wow, way to get ripped off and spend 2.5x the money you needed to."
    It might impress the newbies, but the more technical geeks who care to know every detail about the internals and externals, brands, usage, etc.. probably wont be interested after the facts come out.
    The lists above are great^ I find that pictures usually do the job quite well (unless you have that franken-thompson thing :p), and a video is nice if it has some upgrades.
    Be sure to get all the dust off the externals as well... Kind of a turn off for me: shows that the previous owner didn't care for his rifle.
  9. rich635

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    Los Angeles
    I'm assuming Bearb is talking about his MK18, and it is a very good listing. Lots of pictures, full parts list (though some stuff is valued a bit high), I just think it's a little bit of pickiness (that's understandable) and not many people have the cash to buy it. Lowering the price a little might help, but that's only at time intervals, if you really don't want the gun and need cash. Looking back at the listing, I'm estimating it's valued at closer to $500 or even $400 than $600, a CYMA M4 doesn't cost $300, and I noticed some stuff got parted out already and there are still some over estimates. I myself am interested and my offer for my Magpul M16 was declined, and I'm still waiting for a reply for my new offer. Though if you can't find anything here, expand! Ebay, Craigslist, other forums, even Youtube or something.
  10. 1badweasel

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    This is going to sound far fetched, but see if your local Police department is interested in buying the gun. Our local PD uses airsoft and paintball gun in their training. Not saying yours does, but if your having trouble selling it that might be an option you might want to explore.
  11. theonlyBuster

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    That's a bit far fetched. I've sold a few airsoft guns to guys in the academy wanting some extra training off the range, but that was random luck.

    Craig's List
    Go to local fields and spread it via word of mouth

    And as everyone has said earlier, if it's not selling either your asking price is too high or noone is interested in it.
  12. AirsoftimusPrime

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    I remember your classfieds post. The gun is VERY nice looking externally, I'd buy it if I didn't have so much invested into my current one. Trust me, you'll sell it. Just be patient.
  13. Bearb

    Bearb New Member

    I hope I do, thank you All!