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    Hey guys, I bought my first airsoft gun, a plastic dboys m4 that shot about 250 fps and, and since then, i have owned a few more guns including a d-boys Scar-l, a JG T3 RAS, a DE Krinkov ak47(it broke after like a month :( piece of poo) and the list goes on. I have never really teched a gun, well actually i have fixed some problems with the hop-up, fixed a motor, and other things along those lines, but the gearbox is something that i have always hesitated to open up, because i know that if i mess one thing up, i will have a lot of trouble putting it back together. How should i get started? should i get a [email protected] gun to use as a back up gun, and that way i wont be too guilty if i mess up, or should i just start teching my good guns, and take apart small parts at a time, and slowly learn the anatomy of a gearbox? How dis you guys become experineced with them? Is there anything that I you reccomend i do to get more experience? Would building a gun from the ground up be a good start, or dismantling a gun completely? I am pretty good with building and fixing things, as i have worked on anything from car engines, to robotics kits. My aptitude towards teching a gun is not the problem, i just dont know where to start. I want to learn how to reshim gears, eventually put new ones in, and after that, the list goes on. Any suggestions from someone who was once in the same boat as me?
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    For future reference, it helps if you can make your post something other than one solid paragraph.

    But the question: It depends on the goal.
    1) If you just want to get good at tech stuff, then grab a relatively cheap clone that's TM compatible and just go to town on it.
    2) If you have building a specific gun in mind, then use the search feature to figure out how to build a specific type of gun and the necessary mods. The info is all here, you just have to utilize the search ability.

    I began with small upgrades, familiarizing myself with the internals steadily. I didn't go straight to a gearbox, but started with Hopup and barrel stuff. Then went with easy GB work like changing a piston, or spring. Now I can do more complicated things. And most of learning simply involves following a YouTube video properly. And once you become well acquainted, you will be able to do just about anything you want.

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    Begin by reading guides on internal upgrades and search for instructional videos on youtube and such. You should accumulate some basic knowledge before even opening the gearbox. Patience is also crucial, take your time, think before you do something, study how the parts fit together.

    I gained most of my experience from my CA AUG. I started out by buying a Deep Fire tune-up kit and slapped that in there. It wokred pretty well, for a while, then stuff started breaking. I've rebuilt the internals several times, but now my AUG is a serious high performance field rifle. Trying and failing is a potentially expensive, but effective way of learning.
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    Step 1 is read and research.
    I ALWAYS suggest you read about upgrades, downgrades, and modifications. From there look into builds others have done. Find a list of parts tehy used and look into those parts. IF you can, ask why they chose part XYZ as opposed to part ABC.
    Do more research and reading.

    Get a WORKING gun that's cheap. Tinker with it for a bit.
    Before attempting upgrades and modifications, simply practice getting into the internals and then putting it all back together and making sure it still works. When you start to feel comfortable THEN start messing with upgrade and modifications
    **I suggest a working gun from the start so you know it should still work after you're done tinkering.

    From there, continue researching and reading. And of course feel free to ask questions here as well as post your builds.

    I recommend you start with Version 2 gearboxes because they're of the most prominent version and they simply have the most information readily available.