How to stay hydrated during airsoft and other activites.

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    Please note, that everything said here should be done with (as Buster noted) room temperature or slightly cool water.

    Alright, you find yourself in a hot environment and know that you will be spending a whole day there.
    The answer is simple: Lots of water. If possible, do not buy Coca-Cola, Pepsi, etc. Water is the best way to go.

    That is an even simpler answer. It is cheap, easy to carry around in a camel bag, and can be replenished from almost any source. Yes, there are other beverages (more on that later), but water seems to work the best.

    What you can do is put some powdered sugar into the water (do not over-do it, though, it is generally two table spoons per liter). Sugar help you to replenish the energy. It is cheap and effective.

    As much as you can. You should always drink as much water as you can and well water your organism. What you'll be taught in boot camp is to drink a lot during one to two days prior leaving the base so that your skin and every part of body has enough water in case you got into some sort of trouble. That is quite a good thing to do before longer events.
    No, but if I were you, I would scrap all the sodas right away. The amount of
    a) bubbles will make you sick the second you try to run after having drunk half a liter of it
    b) all the crap in it (all the ENumbernumbernumber stuff) will make you sick in the long run
    c) sugar will make you want to drink even more without quenching your thirst.

    What you should drink on the other hand is the following:
    Electrolite (Gatorade, etc. lots of things with carbohydrates and saccharides, a natural juice is not bad at all)
    Water with added flavor (freshly squeezed lemon or orange will add great flavor while still keeping the water potable for quite a long time)
    Some energy drinks - try to say no to Redbull and other crap. Instead, get something that has at least some dietary value. Monster energy drink is a little bit better. For those over 21, a beer is a good idea to replenish minerals and SOME vitamins. AFTER ALL AIRSOFTING (driving, etc.) IS OVER, OF COURSE! The two do not belong together under any circumstances!

    The most important - and I cannot stress this enough - is to stop playing and find a spot in the shade. Sit back and relax. Pull out your death rag and have a drink. Pour some over your head and neck. It should cool you down a bit. Remove all as many layers of clothing as you are willing to to get your body to a lower temperature.
    Ask someone politely to help you to get to the Staging Area. If it is a sanctioned field, they should have someone who can give you first aid. If this is not the case, make sure someone tries to find anyone with any experience. If that still is not possible, get someone to take you to the hospital.

    Make sure you have an easy access to WATER during the whole time!

    Choose your clothing for the day! Make sure you get light breathable materials (most summer uniforms are) and that you do carry enough fluids!

    Very similar procedures apply to airsofting in cold weather, where a lot of your body fluids are used to keep the body warm! No matter what, do not eat snow, ever! It cools down your metabolism and you will need more and more fluids to keep it at a stable temperature. Instead, get a canteen and let the snow melt in there!

    I guess this is pretty much it about staying safe and well, so let's recap this whole thing.

    Bad signs:
    Urine has a dark color - the darker the worse. You need to replenish your fluids right now.
    Urinating hurts, urine has a dark golden color - a very bad sign, it is almost too late.
    Dizziness - A very good sign of your body slowly getting dehydrated. Drink a whole lot and sit back for a couple minutes.
    Dry skin - the more dehydrated you get, the drier your skin. If you pinch the skin on your wrist and it takes a while for it to get back to its former condition (dark spots take a while to dissipate, the pinch marks stay a while), drink!

    Make sure you call someone who has a first aid experience or at least knows what they are doing! If the person is really dehydrated, they will breathe slowly and will have dry lips. If the person is actually breathing, the best thing you can do is pour some water into their mouth. Do not worry, the swallowing reflex will work. Once the water reaches the root of the tongue, the person will swallow. That prevents you from inhaling a spider crawling into your mouth while you are asleep.

    Call the ambulance next! Time is a factor here. Get the person to the most easily accessible point for the paramedics and wait there until they arrive.

    Hopefully, this will help every of you to stay hydrated and know what to do to prevent it and how to deal with it.

    Should anyone have anything informative and important to add, go ahead!

    Stay safe,
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    Just bumping this thread to get it noticed.

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    Good read, thanks shifty
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    I make my our Electrolite replacement drink.

    Water, Unprocessed sea salt, honey, lemon juice

    Most of the people I know don't like the taste, but it works really well and keeps me hydrated.

    The mixture is around:

    1 Tsp - salts
    1 Tbsp - honey
    1 oz - lemon juice
    1 litre - water

    I know a couple people suggested adding those MIO flavour enhancer juice. Havn't tried it.

    I usually bring 2 litres of that and 3 litres of straight water. No pop or fruit juices, they have too much processed sugar and I crash after an hour or so. Honey doesn't do that!
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    Thanks Shifty, this is full of great info
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    Great read shifty. I always carry a ton of water if I can.
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    Thanks a lot, Shifty. I have always debated getting a hydration carrier but I sure will now.
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    +1 to that. I've made that a few times and it works great. Cheap and effective.
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    I'm definitely going to try this. I really hope it works very well.
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    Thanks guys, I am glad I could help.
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    We had a kid last night at our local indoor facility get too dehydrated and got to the dizzy and cant stand on his own stage and actually started to go numb in his feet and fingers. What stage is the numbness in dehydration?

    Another thing to add is that if you drink too much too fast you will get sick. you want to do smooth normal or smaller sips and try not to drink to fast. the water will actually shock your system and cause nausea which in turn will lead to dehydration because you will vomit any water in your system up and it gets hard to drink after that happens
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    Yah this is right up there with proper eye protection. Not many people think about this or dismiss it until they run into trouble. I've had a couple of run ins with Heat effects (not even heat stroke) and I don't want it to ever go any further.
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    I will add, as Shifty stated, drinking extremely cold water is bad as well. It can lead to the body going into shock. Extreme cold causes the blood to shrink away from the source of the cold. When drinking, this allows the water to pass near the main artery and vein in your neck, thus slowing blood flow and reducing blood to the brain. This is what causes shock.

    Additionally, a little trick I use to stay cool, soak wash clothes (terrycloth works best) in cool water, wring them out, and lay them on the back of your neck or forehead. This will cool the blood, but not so much that it becomes dangerous. As thge cooler blood flows through you body, it reduces the temperature of your body.
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    San jose
    Great advice
    What would be the best way to carry all of this water on the field without a camel back?
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    A bottled water in your BDU side leg pocket thats what I do. Or a hikers/mountain climbers clip attached to it somehow.
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    Get a couple of small bottles and put them in pockets on your vest.

    I do really suggest you buy a camel bag. It is not very expensive nowadays and works wonders.
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    Yes any sporting good stores that has camping supplies has them..bass pro shops, gander mtn and REI.
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    If you really want to carry bottles, use a paintball tube holder, the big tubes are about the same size as a standard 16 to 20 oz bottle of water. However, I would caution that if you use bottled water, you risk them getting damaged by bb's unless they are fully covered.
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    Also between games you should be drinking water and staying in the shade. We are going to play this weekend and that's what I told my sons. Because it's going to be a hot one.
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    Behind you
    Great guide, Shifty! This looks like sticky-worth material to Me. I'm gonna try Grudge's recipe today when I play soccer.