How to Upgrade Version 5 Gearbox, (UZI AEG SMG)

Discussion in 'Gun Building, Modifications & Repairs' started by JesseTheTsar, Jan 13, 2018.

  1. JesseTheTsar

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    So after finding out that theres a better version of the JG MAC-10 for one-handed use, one that in my opinion would serve me better than both the MAC-10 and the GAT, both economically and in other ways like the field refs not being able to argue with me that a micro uzi isn't a secondary.
    Thats the gun itself, I plan on keeping the stock retracted and spraypainting the orange tip, but heres the main problem I have.
    I have no idea how to modify V5 gearboxes, and I want this thing to perform atleast 3/4 of the things an AEG / Assault Rifle could preform.
    Heres some background, there is no full auto at my field, minimum engagement distance, bang bangs, and max fps is 400.
    Heres the things I need to know / Would like answered.
    1 - How can I change the spring in a v5 gearbox, and could I get it close to 300+ fps
    2 - Can I change the cylinder to accommodate a tight bore aeg barrel. (120 - 240 MM)
    3 - Can I get a mosfet to be able to use bigger / better batteries, and how.
    4 - Can I get a better hopup, and how.
  2. Hangtight

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    Most of the Uzi AEGs use a crap plastic gearbox, apart from the pricy TM models. Another non starter for an upgraded gun.

  3. Lefse

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    Good luck upgrading a V5 gearbox, it's the most proprietary gearbox there is. The entire cylinder assembled is inverted in on itself in a way that's difficult to explain. The UZI is definitely a cool gun, but the electric airsoft version is quite lackluster.