1. jaedenb5093

    jaedenb5093 New Member

    How do I build a good gun tht I can build with like a resonable price?
  2. DreadCo526

    DreadCo526 New Member

    well do already have a gun? you can buy and build a really good gun for under $200 total but it takes a lot of work and time, also a good bit of research.

  3. Lefse

    Lefse Well-Known Member Supporting Member

    Deciding what kind of gun you want to build and a budget limit would be a good start...
  4. kazuma5201

    kazuma5201 New Member

    Listen to Lefse damn it :)

    But really, it depends on what he said, what level of realism you want, and what play style you want to support.

    Some people like running and gunning with a pistol or smg for the rush.
    Some people like to lay prone with either an aeg or sniper and snipe.
    Some people like to lead the pack with the standard aeg.
    Some people like to sit and blanket fire all day with a high speed aeg.

    etc etc. It goes on and on...
  5. theonlyBuster

    theonlyBuster Active Member Lifetime Supporter

    S. Florida
    Figure out a base gun, then figure out the role which you want it to encompass.
    Once you get the role defined, set a list of performance goals you want the gun to achieve.
    Research other similar builds to find what other players have build to obtain their similar goals. Some users will list their starting budget, if not you can get their parts list and find prices for each item.
    Compare your budget and with the parts you need to obtain the desired performance goals.
    If your budget isn't enough, consider increasing your budget OR lowering your performance goals. Do NOT consider buying lesser parts to achieve the original goals, it will likely lead you to problems and failure.

    Double check everything, check compatibilities and triple check incompatibilities. Remember to save cash for the often forgotten things such as teflon tape, shims, grease, glue, etc. Also budget for re-buying a few parts in the event they break during installation or testing.

    That's the main portions of it. "Reasonable Price" is up to interpretation for person to person as well as your starting and ending point of the build.

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  6. jaedenb5093

    jaedenb5093 New Member

    Okay thanks you guys.