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    Hey all I am starting a new project and would like to use this thread for discussion about it and I will post updates on what I'm doing.

    I am trying to convert my m4 aeg project gun (could never get it to work and spent WAY too much money on it) to hpa so that I don't have to deal with all the different components and high risk of breaking. But I don't have the money to get a SMP, jack, or fusion engine. What I do have is an old tippman 98 custom paintball gun which runs on Co2 or HPA and I am trying to use the internals to run my airsoft gun. I know I could have used the tippman body and converted it more easily but I want to use my m4 externals, which complicates things.

    So to start I have the tippman completely disassembled and I am trying to figure out how to position it in the empty v2 gearbox and align it with the barrel so that it will allow me to run normal high cap/mid cap mags.

    Pics so far:
    (Main internal parts from the tippman)

    Any tips or help would be appreciated and I will try to update this thread as new stuff happens.
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    This is sick. Follow.

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    east moline
    Agreed and also following.