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    First off sorry if there's a thread answering this or helping for this I looked for 20 minuets and found nothing.

    Ok so I've come into the sniping game and have a completely maxed out KJW M700 it has the works from the gas route spring to the EDGI 6.00 inner barrel. I'm able to hit targets every time 10/10 at 75 yards. But I've invested in an HPA rig. It's the myth air 3000psi tank and coil line with a QD fitting at the end. My question is what should I use, a regulator or a stabilizer, to acquire the best consistent FPS with the least variations from shot to shot, also how to install it would be helpful as well. I have little knowledge in HPA rigs as this is my first and I'd rather not blow something up my first time. Also any hints to building a better rig would be nice also (everything has been Teflon taped and is 100% air tight, that much I know).