HPA powered DMR

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    Hello felas!
    I have some questions about hpa guns. I want my gun to be DMR with high velocity (not less than 450fps, but not more than 600 - to ), highly accurate and semi-only.
    I chose MAncraft, because it's mechanic only, only semi and available in europe.
    So, here are my questions:
    1) Flat hop, Rhop and so, do they perform the same way as on AEGs?
    2) What type of Barrel? Tight bore 6,00/6,01/6,03/6,04 or wide bore 6,23?
    3) What about barrel lenght?
    4) Ideal BB weight? I suppose it should be 0.4g

    Thanks for your replies!
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    I don't know what the rules are like in CR, but I would match your FPS to your most frequented field. That being said, keep it high so you can compensate for the heavy bb.

    RHop is considered the best, but it is time consuming and can be difficult for some to install. I believe that the hopup unit does not matter, as a HPA system simply replaces your gearbox.
    I personally use a 6.03, but I'm not using HPA. If you can provide extra air, then you may want to go with some of the newer wide bore "accuracy barrels", maybe a Prometheus or an Orga.

    For barrel length....ehhhhhh just match whatever will fit your gun.

    BB weight, heavier is better, but you can probably get away with .30 or . 35

    Out of curiousity, what gun are you putting this in?