Hpa styer aug?

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    Ok as I figure out what gun I want to build and eventually turn into an hpa I was thinking about all the different weapons I fired while in the military. Two of the most fun rifles I shot was the LA and the aussies styer aug. Funny story about the aug. When went to Australia to do some joint training while I was in 3rd Ranger. Well we get up to shoot their weapons and I am volunteered to be the first to shoot the aug being that I was kind of the weapon geek in the platoon. So in the Army we are told to hold the trigger to the rear and slowly release so we can hear the trigger reset, helps people have a smoother trigger squeeze. Well no one told me about the Aug triggers so there I am up there and I squeeze what I expect to be a semi auto and...well it wasnt. I dumped about 20 rounds before I figured out what was happening...anyway...I really like the augs. So can you make one into a hpa with the way the trigger is. Would a smp work...I don't know much about how the smp works.