Hpa tank question

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    recently got into the polar star side of airsoft running a mk18 with a fusion engine and I’m deciding if I need to purchase a scuba tank also so I can refill my tank but I don’t know if my ninja 62ci 3000 psi tank will be good enough.

    Is a ninja 62ci 3000 psi tank gonna last me all day of semi auto play? And some full auto? If so I can just fill it up a a station before I go to play airsoft for the day

    And I don’t want to have to leave the feild go go fill it

    If not I would have to buy a scuba tank or a bigger tank bc I don’t have a refill station at my place and would have to fill my tank with a scuba tank and have to get that filled an hour away from me
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    You could buy a second tank and be sure. PM me.