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    All Items Must Go Airsoft Sale!
    I would like to see all items go and I am acceptable to bargaining!
    First come first serve :)

    Guns do not fire real ammunition ONLY plastic airsoft bb's
    All items in sale are sold separately at their own unique price
    All items are in working condition and meet airsoft safety requirements

    Airsoft UTG Shadow Ops L96 Sniper (Olive Green)-$150 to $120
    This Bolt Action L96 Sniper includes 2 mags, a tactical bipod, adjustable hop up, unjamming rod and original box

    Airsoft G&G Armament CM16 Raider DST (Tan)-$100 to $75
    This Electric Combat Machine includes 3 Hi-Cap mags (shown in picture), a 8.4 volt butterfly type battery, a compatible battery wall charger, included adjustable iron sights, unjamming rod and original box

    Pulse AK-74u- $40 to $20
    This Electric AK includes 1 Hi-Cap mag, included adjustable iron sights and a compatible stick battery (charger not included)

    ACU Adjustable Leg Holster- $15 to $10
    Features adjustable straps to fit you leg size and buckle to clip to your belt to keep holster from falling down. Looks to hold M9 or 1911 variance

    SOLD!! 1" Scope/Sight riser mount- $5
    Raises the wanted scope or sight one inch. Scopes or sights can be mounted via RIS

    NEW 9.6 volt Stick Type Battery- $20-$15
    Has never been used before. I got this battery for the AK but it didn't fit so I decided to sell it for $5 less than what it's retail is

    Condor Double Stacker Mag Pouches x2 (Olive Green)- $15 bucks each or $25 for both
    These are m16 style mag holders, one pouch can hold 6 mags.This is attached via MOLLE webbing, I have 2 of these so they can either be bought separately or together for $5 off

    Condor Tan 3 Mag Holder - $10
    This mag holder holds 3 m16 style magazines, can be attached via MOLLE webbing and is made by condor.

    Condor MOLLE Admin Pouch (Olive Green) - $10
    This is attached via MOLLE webbing and includes Velcro to hold patches, a pistol mag pouch and a zipper pouch

    Condor ACU Tactical Vest - $30
    This ACU vest features lots of MOLLE webbing on front and sides to carry mag pouches etc. and also includes many pockets that will hold a variety of equipment. GREAT CONDITION

    Condor Half Face Mask (Tan) - $15 to $10
    This Half Face Mask is metal with a cotton lining to protect your mouth, nose, and ears from Airsoft bb's. Has adjustable straps to fit your head size.

    Mesh Goggles - $7 to $5
    Protects your eyes from Airsoft bb's

    All items need a shipping charge based on package size , location and sending preference

    I am open for bargaining for any item and wish for all items to get sold for any price (reasonably)
    Thank You!

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    How much would you take for everything except the sniper rifle and its mags and accessories

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    West Palm Beach
    I will take $250 + shipping and handling for everything except sniper and accessories or best offer