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    This is an idea for a game that would be pretty hard core. And great training. It can be adapted to two recon teams or just two individual snipers.

    Defending team selects an item as a enemy objective. This item could be a 20 rd box of ammo, a beer can, a soup can, a MRE, etc. Any item that can be easily carried into the AO, easily hidden, and does not deteriorate with inclemental weather. The object would be signed “Huntsman Series - John Doe”, to insure that the attacking team isnt mistaking trash as the objective in the AO.

    1)The defending team one weekend prior, goes out into the mountains, forest, swamps, selects an AO, signs item and hides it, and records the long/lat coords.

    2)The defending team posts coordinates on airsoft website. A challenger attacking team accepts challenge online and begins to make preperations.

    3)Defending team deploys friday night into the AO. Must defend 360. Attacking team is not allowed to deploy until first light saturday morning. They are allowed to deploy from any direction towards the AO.

    4)Attacking team has until Sunday sundown to infiltrate the objective, locate and recover object, and exfil safely out of the area.

    5)If objective is completed, a picture of the signed item is posted up on airsoft website as a trophy.

    Medic rules could be made super easy or super hard. For example, any bb strike to any part of the body and your KIA. Remove yourself from the AO. Or any bb strike to any part of the body and your immobilized until medic’d by a team member. Once, twice, three times, a hard limit could be agreed upon. Realism could even be amped all the way up to a mock IV and a make shift litter made for wounded.

    The idea isnt to host a remote full auto bb slinging fest with unlimited respawns. The idea is to hone patrolling skills, marksmanship, and complete objectives, and deal with consequences.

    This would be for people who are skilled in some bushcraft. Have some survival skills, land navigation skills and would want to practice some field craft while having fun.

    There could be a million different variations to this game. The AO could be kept smaller and closer to access points or 10 miles up a trail.

    Word of caution! Getting lost, falling off a cliff, being eaten by a bear, getting hypothermia, etc are all real dangers. First aid kits, gps and compass backup, maps, warm clothes, bear spray, a radio, a SPOT system, portable shelter, fire makings, are all highly recommended! Dont bite off more than you can chew, dont exceed your skill level or training. Be safe!

    Also, respect public lands and wildlife and other hobbies while out there.

    Example game.

    Boundary County Huntsman Series
    Who: Spokane Devil Dogs - 4 members
    Where: North Idaho (See google earth pic for objective coords)
    When: Oct 6th-7th
    Directions: Take hwy 51 to Forest Service Rd. Blah, blah, blah
    Objective: Budweiser 12 oz can signed with sharpie hidden under log
    Emergency channel FRS 6 or call 911 if cell service available

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    I like this idea. Sounds like it would be great for skill building.
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    Sounds badass and I would love to do something like this.

    I imagine the team that is infiltrating the AO can park anywhere on the property and get to work? So with that said, as a member of LE I would suggest notifying local authorities that this is going on so they don't put your recon team at gun point if they see a couple of guys get out of a car in full kit and run into the woods. We get calls about similar stuff and you have to use caution anytime a gun/airsoft gun is involved.

    Another suggestion is some method of scoring that is located on an online forum so it gives participants some accountability. Maybe award points to a team that is currently "winning" that can be exchanged for custom patches/trophies. This will keep guys interested and help hold them accountable to some extent so team members actually show up when they agree to a timeframe.

    Edit - Other thoughts:
    * Do you allow for carry of a defensive firearm for wildlife? Not a good idea to mix airsoft and firearms but with a specialized event and considering the potential dangers in the area I think there could be exceptions
    * Check-in with landowner when you arrive in case someone actually gets lost out there.
    * Require that recon team carries a method of comms; sat phone, cell phone, flare gun, radio to landowner etc.
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    In my area the land would belong to the US Forest Service. Millions upon millions of acres of it. So no need to notify authorities. As we could be deploying with lead bullets, Barrett 50s and steel gongs just as easily. It would be responsible to use bio bbs if at all possible. The USFS has rules about shooting around campgrounds and over roads. I would adhere to real gun laws while on the National Forest.

    Bear spray would be prefered, but its lackluster performance of late may not be adequate. Maybe something like your real steel model cannot match any airsoft models? Primary M700, secondary 1911 and a real steel Ruger blackhawk revolver? That way nobody could get confused in a airsoft game or in a bear charge?

    I would immediately know which 1911 I held in my hands. But thats me.

    Good idea on perks but not sure in all areas if updates could be sent out. No cell reception etc.