Hurricane sandy

Discussion in 'Staging Area' started by bob19922, Nov 5, 2012.

  1. bob19922

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    Old bridge
    As someone who lives in New Jersey anyone who to share stories about the storm. From what I know all of seaside is gone half of Hoboken is flooded. I went to Keansburg and they got flooded the amusement park is destroyed. My power has been out for six days. Six Flag great adventure got flooded. Any one else want to share things they know.
  2. rblevinski

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    I live in PA and my power came back on last night. We had a lot of tree damage though because I'm in the woods. I had friends who had trees fall through their house.

  3. Username94

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    New York City
    I live in NYC. There is still no power downtown but thankfully my block is untouched.
  4. Napple

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    I live in connecticut. We didnt get hit bad but i lost power for 5 days. Tress down everywhere, minor flooding.
  5. Maxuhmize

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    I have family on Long Island and Atlantic City. The two places that got hit pretty darn hard. My family on Long Island's house was the only house on their block that didn't get damaged so their house is now being used as a shelter. My family in Atlantic City haven't even made it back to their house yet but know that the water didn't get up to their house via neighbors.
  6. freddieturtle

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    This whole thing puts "major weather" here in New Zealand into perspective, because when a power line gets broken by a small gale, it gets on countrywide news for like 3 days, and when major events such as hurricane sandy hit there's a spotlight live, but nobody really cares. Sometimes I think I'm the only one who does care about things like this and that's only because I know some people via the Internet, it seems ridiculous but I can't do much save from donating so I got my parents to donate since I really can't contribute anything significant.....