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HWS Milsim-Ready Loadout

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Hey, Guys.

Through a myriad of odd jobs, favors, luck and a well-paying Internship, I've earned around $1500 in spending money and am looking to buy myself a Milsim-Ready loadout for my upcoming 18th. For the last 3 years airsofting I've been rocking all-black CQB gear and guns, which from what I can tell are a no-no at such events. I've developed a fetish of sorts for Arid A-TACS, and I've always loved the role Heavy Weapons Specialists play in Milsim events. Below I've made a list of everything I plan to buy, and would really appreciate input and suggestions. Thanks a bunch in advance.

Everything is linked to where I plan to buy it from, please click and see for yourself.


Krytac SPR

ICS M203 (Long)
(Attached using this rail)

G&P M203 Flip-up Sight

11.1 LiPo 2200 MaH Butterfly Battery (From local store)


G&P 130rd Midcaps (x6)

MadBull 48rd 40mm Grenades (x3)

TAC Archangel 40mm Impact Flash Grenades (Pack of 8 + Shell)

TAC Pecker 40mm Dummy Grenades (Pack of 10, No Shell)

TAC Shell (x2)

Before I go any further, I figured I'd carry the MadBulls for a closer-spread Anti-Personel round, Two Archangels for encamped or distant enemies, and One Pecker for an Anti-Vehicular round (Carrying a few more of both payloads as well, since they're easy to swap out of the shell). Both are legal to use at American Milsim events (checked the rules myself) but I'm wondering if the Pecker must be used as the Anti-Vehicle round, or if I could use the Archangel as well.

GEAR (From head to feet):

Condor A-TACS Cap

Avengers Goggles

Tan Rothco Shemagh

A-TACS-ish BDU Set (Close enough, right?)

Condor A-TACS Chest Rig

Condor A-TACS x6 Mag Pouch

Condor A-TACS Hydration Carrier (Apparently can be integrated as the straps on the chest rig)


Arid Elbow and Knee Pads

A-TACS M203 x6 Shell Pouch

Condor A-TACS Dump Pouch

Condor A-TACS Sidekick Pouch

Condor A-TACS EMT Pouch

Tan Boots (Top Rated on amazon, if that counts for anything)

As far as pouch arrangement, I would probably put the Grenade Pouch on my left hip, the dump pouch right beneath, the Sidekick Pouch on my right hip (carrying extra TAC heads and whatever else might fit) and the EMT pouch on the back of my pants. Or maybe on the front. Haven't figured that part out yet.

This all comes out to around ~$1450 w/o Shipping (TAC charges something crazy like $80), so I'm already nearing my upper limit. Anything and everything you can suggest would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance, and have a wonderful day!:D

//Admins, my deepest apologies if this is in the wrong forum, as this was the most appropriate I could find//
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Don't buy Condor, Avengers, or 6mmProShop branded gear.

It might have good reviews but they are being written by people who don't know what they're talking about.

Do a bit of reading around in the gear forum and you'll see there are much better options for the price.
Yeah, Condor is lower quality than FLYYE or some other gear. For goggles, try to find some ESS NVG profile goggles, those are great and run around 20 shipped on eBay. FLYYE has chest rigs and such, but not with Condor's modularity in the rig system (I like that a lot actually, I'd use it if it had more pouches). I'd look on ShooterCB Gear for cheaper FLYYE gear, it's the price of Condor over there. Shipping will be from $10-20 for lighter orders.
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