I am young, but want to get into airsoft!

Discussion in 'Beginners Forum' started by UltraConstructor, Jun 25, 2017.

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    Hello everybody! I am 11, but i like to consider myself pretty mature (Why my parents let me buy airsoft guns :p). I am so new to airsoft, i havent even gotten into a fight yet! I just bought my first gun https://www.amazon.com/Beretta-Spring-Pistol-Black-Medium/dp/B005116PFM/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1498443928&sr=8-4&keywords=airsoft+pistol+kids today on amazon. But it is only a pistol. Can i have suggestions for what gun i should buy? I didnt know which forum to put this message in, But i want to know if anyone has some good feedback. Thanks!
    P.S. My budget is 61 dollars
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    Long story short, the forum requires you to be 13 to join, so more than likely you will be banned soon, so hopefully youll read this soon. For 61 you wont get any good aegs but there are some good tri-shot shotguns in this price range.


    hope this helps. At around $100 you can get a decent JG m4 or Cyma cmo28 AEG. No matter what you get, make sure you have a pair of safety glasses or even better full seal goggles.

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    Most airsoft fields (if not all) have rental guns! so you can go try airsoft with a rental and see if you like the guns they let you use! you also get to play around with them and (sometimes youcan offer to buy them for cheap) That way you get a taste of the fields around you. (basically saying you dont want to buy a sniper rifle when all the fields near you are CQB only.)

    Some great guns are (which I cant find on their website) The "BlackOps" brand walmart sells of an Ak74u or an M4. their roughly 70-120$ so if buying in person is your only option, check walmarts by you and ive seen some pretty amazing results from the "Black Ops" Brand guns. They are very cheap but tend to work strangely well.

    However if you buy online from airsoft websites it would be a better investment like (airsoftmegastore.com airsoftstation.com evike.com airsplat.com im sure more will add to the list) as the ones at walmart are cheap and cost mayby only 30-40$ less than a decent one (In the low-end spectrum)

    Your best bet is to find an airsoft store near you, have someone come with you and litterally talk about whats a good starter gun cause they'll show you and give you hands on so you know what you would like, Theyll also have information reguarding airsoft fields near you. as sometimes you need a CQB setup (350fps or lower) in order to play at that field and likewise the other way around. (Just so you dont buy the wrong gun)

    A big tip! You will HAVE to invest into 1 good charger. The chargers that come with airsoft guns can not only kill your batteries but start fires aswell.
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    Sorry UltraConstructor, but the forum has guidelines that will not allow users under 13 years of age. But to assist you I will touch base on a few things.

    First off if you're looking to go to a field to play with other competitive players, you'll want to rent a gun. Springer powered guns will not do the job since EVERYONE else will have automatic rifles. Pay the $40 or so to rent the gun.

    If you're hoping to have fun with a few friends in a private field or in your backyard, then I'd say grab the gun osawaab recommended, UTG M3 shotgun. Not saying your choice is bad, but rather that shotgun will be a far better choice. The only thing I'll say is that you may want to buy extra shells. Each shell holds enough BBs for up to 10 shots, and the gun typically comes with 2 shells.

    ALSO don't forget eye protection.

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