I dream of something marvellous...

Discussion in 'New Jersey Airsoft Forum' started by Zillo7, Oct 19, 2017.

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    Well not really dream, but it's still something that would be really interesting and I think would be worth trying. What if we were to make a group that revolved around operating heavy weapons (for airsoft)? Consider these ideas I've got:

    One idea could be to make a team that operates airsoft artillery. We'd build a set of cannons that launch those nerf rockets really far (e.g. far enough that the artillery pieces could be outside of the field and still hit things). The team could be split into two sections, the first operates the artillery pieces while the second goes into the field with radios and spots targets.

    Another idea, which is kind of similar to the first, would be to build an RC airplane capable of carrying cameras and supplies. The plane can be used for reconnaissance or it could drop pods filled with supplies (e.g. food, water, BBs). To go even further, we could stick airsoft guns in the plane to do strafing runs or drop airsoft grenades from it; we'd be something like a chairsoft chairforce. The team could be split into two sections again, where one operates the plane (or planes?) while the second spots targets.

    Since it's almost winter, there isn't going to be as much activity as during the summer so it'd be an ideal time to form a team. We'd have all winter/spring to plan things out and build whatever contraptions we want to use. We could easily be ready for next spring/summer.

    Would anyone want to join me to make something like this happen?

    Edit: Another possibility if you want to grow an e-peen; operating a team like one of these would probably be cool on youtube, especially compared to the "epic sniper compilation" videos.
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    Yeah it’s done every year for Fulda gap