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  1. Romeo_Airsoft_24

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    Okay so basically I'm a noob when it comes to airsoft. I need suggestions on how I should spend 1,250 on airsoft. And is there any leagues near Pittsburgh pa?
  2. TYwalde15

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    Get some good gear. Do research on loadouts and find what you like best. As for guns, completely up to you. Get a primary (preferably over 200) and lotta mid caps. Get some sort of secondary like a gbb again totally up to you. But don't waste money. Do research on your stuff before you buy. Man, i wish had 1,250 to spend on airsoft....
    (also you will want to buy like a 9.6 battery)

  3. iZazzil

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    Things you are going to need:
    A Primary weapon that is good for your environment, and style of play (example: If you like to run around and you play CQB, don't buy a JG Snow Wolf). Also your primary weapon is something you don't want to cheap out on, especially since you have $1,250.
    Next your going to want a good chest rig. Again, find something that suits your environment, and style of play (another example: you don't need a full PC and backpack for indoor play). If your going to be playing in the outdoors for long periods of time, get a good vest that can hold a lot of ammo and a hydration carrier. If you are playing CQB, your most likely going to want a simple.chest rig. The main thing you need in CQB is ammo so make sure you get magazine pouches. You will NOT need a hydration carrier in indoor play because you will be playing for a short period of time, in an air conditioned facility. Next you will want some BDU's. This is especially important in outdoor play and less important in indoor play. I field airsoft you want to blend in to your surroundings as to not be easily seen by enemies, so you will want your BDU's to be the correct pattern for your surroundings. In indoor play camo is less important because of the fast paced action CQB brings and you will be hiding less. Another thing you need is extra magazines. Although this is common sense because refilling one hi-cap (or mid-cap, just whatever comes with your gun) repeatedly throughout a game not only looks dumb, it also take realism from the game. And as far as mags go, choosing which type (mid, high, or low) is entirely up to you. Personally I use mid-caps because it adds realism and reloading feels really cool IMO. Also if you are planning on going to MilSim events, hi-caps are not allowed.
    That's all the essentials I believe. Any gun accessories or upgrades all depend on how you play.
    Good luck on your purchases and happy airsofting!
  4. chumbro

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    Buy a minigun, and 50,000 bb's.
  5. Navyhodge

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    All three of those guys are giving you good advice (you probably wont be able to afford the mini gun though...). My advice? Alright here we go:
    Weapon: When it comes to a weapon its completley up to your style and where you want to play. If you play Close Quarters games then you're going to want to look into CQB M4's Sub machine guns, etc. Field games on the other hand require you to have a weapon with a longer range, but a effective FPS also with good accuracy. Since you have the money, and are new to airsoft I suggest you look into a KWA, G&G, VFC, or ICS. Personally, in my opinion these are the 4 more reliable airsoft retailers in the business. All of their guns come set up for success strait out of the box, and require very little, if not no upgrading within the first year or two. Since you're new you obviously don't want to buy a gun that requires upgrading. Once you choose your weapon of choice you're going to want to purchase a few magazines. Now, there is three types of magazines: Low caps (30+bb's), Midcaps(120+bb's), and Hicaps (anything from 200-300+bb's.) I suggest you start out with 2-4 hicaps, and then work your way around to midcaps. Some airsoft fields and game variants require you to use midcaps, but that just depends on the field you go to. You can always contact them and ask what their rules are.

    After you purchase you're weapon, and a few mags you might want to look into getting a red dot site or rifle scope (depends on where you play i.e. cqb, field, etc) There endless possibilities in this category, and it really depends on what you like. A site is NOT a must have. Some people are completely comfortable using iron sites, others are not. At this point, this is as far as i suggest you go for your weapon. Because you're unfamiliar with airsoft guns it would be stupid to purchase all the gear for your gun and have no idea how to use it. You can always put some cash away, and purchase more accessories once you're more comfortable.

    Next you're going to needs some Camo. Since you live in PA, I strongly suggest you purchase some sort of woodland camo. There is hundreds of patterns of camo you can choose from, some more expensive than others, but most provide the same effect. Once you choose a camo outfit you're going to want to look into getting a vest to carry all of your junk around. ONCE AGAIN, the combinations for vests is endless. My advice here is to look around and see what you like, and what you think it would look good but also be effective for you then go with it.

    After you've done all of this you can begin to go back and begin adding little pouches, gadgets, and tools to make your load-out complete. For example, for realism I like to wear a replica fast attack helmet with a radio/bowman style headset. Things like that aren't necessary to playing the game, but its fun to waist money on it. You're also going to need eye protection (i.e. goggles, glasses, full masks, etc). All of these things can be found on any major airsoft website.

    Finally, the last thing you want to look for is BB's. High quality, high precision BB's. Depending on whether you play CQB, or field will determine the size BB you get. If you're playing field games you want .23's or .25's. CQB games usually involve .23's/.20's. Read reviews from previous buyers and see how the bb's preform, then make your decision.

    From here, you have everything necessary to play a good game of airsoft. If you still have some dough left at this point, which i'm sure you will, you can go back and begin buying the little gritty things. Look at peoples airsoft load-outs and see what you like. Airsoft is about playing as a team, but you have full control on what you want to use, and want you want to wear. So mix it up. I hope this helps a little bit. Feel free to ask questions. Below I left some of the basic airsoft websites where you can acquire all of these things.

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    I wish I had $1250 to start..
  7. Bulldawg26

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    Nice post Navyhodge. +1 on everything you said with one exception. I wouldn't use anything lighter than .28 BBs for field games. I have found that they are more stable than lighter BBs and are less affected by wind. For a negligible loss in range, you should get much improved accuracy with .28 or .30g BBs.
  8. ShooterMcgavin

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    New Port News
    Also batteries and charger
    I recommend a nice 9.6v battery or a 7.4v lipo with a nice smart/balance charger.
  9. Shiftyshooter

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    Buy yourself a budget gun and see if you even like airsoft. Keep the rest of the money on a savings account. You never know when you might need it.
  10. AirsoftimusPrime

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    Satellite Beach
    Don't spend $1,250 on Airsoft. Like, no. Just don't. You won't be looking to spend $1,250 when you finally do. It'll just come. Don't drop all your money on a sport you're not sure you love yet, and if it's your parents money, give them a backhanded smack for me, please.
  11. Navyhodge

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    Yeah.. You could, but you REALLY don't need to. Its easily possible to spend less than $500 and play like a champ. You should really check the sport out first and see if you like it.