I would like to know about Landmines (bb)

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    My local field (CQB) apparently has started doing milsim-style game, We were Terrorists
    (Irony because my load out is counter-terrorist)
    The funnest ones I played were...
    Terrorist Hunt (Eliminate all Terrorists) (All Terrorist in one building) (Basically R6)
    Hostage (We had to escort a hostage without killing him)
    Bomb (We had to escort bombs to the white house.)

    Playing these types of games in cqb fields is honestly really fun. I would kill to be able to have a Rainbow Six Siege type of experience in a cqb-field, which leads me to this question.

    Are there Airsoft Landmines that shoot bbs?

    I would like atleast one because my loadout is based on Khmer / Cambodian Counter Terrorist groups such as SF-911 Because I am indeed Cambodian and I'd like to bring something unique to the table. Also if you do a quick google search on Cambodia and Landmines you will see that pretty much most of the country is a mine-zone.

    I'd like an airsoft landmine that can be carried in a large pouch and is powered by co2 and shoots bbs. Preferably to be activated by stepping on.