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Discussion in 'Electric Guns' started by bal1, Dec 7, 2012.

  1. bal1

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    I've been looking on the internet for reviews and info,I have all the info I need except a couple things.
    1:magazine type.
    2: grenade launcher?
    (Do they make a specific grenade launcher for this gun).
    I can not post a link due to the fact I'm buying from my local Ics dealer.
  2. Sharp

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    1. It takes Galil mags...some AK may be modifiable to fit (I know on my old CYMA you could sand open the lips on the front wider to make it fit and feed, not sure about the ICS)

    2. Real Steel Galils IIRC use an adapter to use M203s, don't think said adapter exists in airsoft so you're gonna need to get a rail kit for the Galil and then use an M203 with a rail attachment system.

  3. bal1

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    Very helpful thanks.
  4. Blades

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    Your gun will be able to fit certain AK WAFFLE mags, but that will probably be about it. It won't fit Cybergun, but I haven't checked King Arms. Just pay the price and buy the hicaps, the waffle mags in a Galil look horrendous IMO.
  5. Dogteam

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    The king arms midcap fit with a small amount of modification.