ICS L85 Hop-up issues.

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    Okay I know that there's a lot of threads on L85 hop-up problems, but the only ones I saw were about them having too much hop. I couldn't find a thread about my problem, but if there is one, someone please direct me towards one to save us all the trouble.

    Now onto the problem, when I shoot my L85, it seems like it has NO hop on the shots. I am using Elite Force .25g Biodegradable BBs. I took the hop-up and inner barrel out of my gun to see what the problem was, and everything seemed fine. The bucking was lined up on the inner barrel properly, and the inner barrel was lined up properly inside the hop-up. I took the piece on the top off that presses the bucking in to see if maybe something was chipped, and it looked perfectly fine. I then tested the gun again to see if maybe something was just unaligned in the hop-up chamber, and the problem still persisted. I took the piece on top off and put a thin rubber band in it to maybe see if it will help to push the bucking in a little better, and still nothing. Also, there are no visible imperfections on the barrel, no dents or scratches, and there are no rips or other problems with the bucking.

    I have experience with internals and stuff, but this has never happened so any help will be greatly appreciated. If needed, I can post pictures of the parts I mean if anyone doesn't understand what I meant.