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    I'm not an expert, and don't know much about the quality of the manufacturers, but here's my thoughts.

    I wouldn't go for the ICS M3 for 2 reasons.
    1. They don't sell extra mags for it.
    2. It's FPS (425) is too high for a gun that can only fire full-auto

    The Canadian airsoft clubs that I've been looking at won't allow a gun chronoed at over 415 FPS w/ 0.20g BBs to be fired at full-auto. Similarly, the C-TAC CTAU1 is chronoed at 435 FPS, so you will only be allowed to fire it using semi-auto and only at distances of 100ft.

    So if your planning on playing with a club, and it has to be one of those guns, get the CTAU1, but if you want to play CQB games or use full-auto, you'll need to get a gun with a lower FPS.

    Alternatively, it is possible to lower the FPS of the gun, but that would mean spending more money on parts, and potentially shipping it off to a professional to have the work done if there isn't anyone in your area who can modify it.

    Hope this helped.

    On a side note. C-TAC is on sale until the 29th, so if that's what you want, now's a good time to get it.

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    Thank ya :D

    Thanks buddeh but I think I'm going with ICS M3 because it turns out they DO sell extra mags! (Not on BuyAirsoft.ca though) also where & who I play with, Full-Auto FPS limit is 450! Also from what I've heard C-TAC isn't known for their Machine Guns... more from their Sniper Rifles. (My pal has one it's sick! It makes you bleed xD Here it is: https://www.buyairsoft.ca/deals/sales/c-tac-aps2-black-pro.html)
    Thanks though! Appreciate your time :D

    *Canada Airsoft! woot! woot!*
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