ICS M3 vs C-TAC CT36K vs C-TAC CTRPK Sportline

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    I'm not sure which one to get... It doesn't matter to me price wise but I'm wondering which gun of 3 comes out above out of all of them.
    I want a gun that is durable and has a very low fail rate, a gun that is good in CQB to Mid ranged combat, and a gun that is decently accurate.
    (I would prefer posts from people that have had experience with these guns, but it's not essential at all! Also, C-TAC is an exclusive Canadian Airsoft company).

    Here they are:

    ICS M3:

    C-TAC CT36K:

    C-TAC CTRPK Sportline:

    Thanks :D
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    (if you haven't already) go to TorontoAirsoft.com they have a impressive collection of airsoft guns available (for a canadian company)
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    Well, the RPK wouldn't be very good for CQB like you stated you were looking for, but it would have pretty good accuracy. I'm not familiar with the brand, but judging on the price they look like they have pretty good internals.

    I'm a big fan of G36 guns, and not a big fan of WWII. I'd probably go with the G36 because of their durability, adaptability to various situations, and their accuracy. :) Hope this helps.