ics m4 vs g&p m14, changing field conditons

Discussion in 'What Gun Should I Get?' started by articbandit, Sep 8, 2015.

  1. articbandit

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    everyone at my local field runs an m4/m16 setup id like something else but right now i am kind of torn between the ics par mk3 (yes I'm aware its an m4 but it looks delicious)
    and a g&p m14 "dmr recon" (i know its far from being a dmr outside of the body)
    the problem with the m14 is i play a mix of thing's from cqb to field, i like the mk3 even though it is an m4 because it seems versatile. and because most of my items are m4+crane stock related.
    anyone care to help out on the cloudyness in my head for my next arm?

    format stuff:
    price range : $350 tops just gun
    models: m4/m14 (open to other full metal RIS suggestions)
    role: general purpose assualter/defender
    field conditions: anywhere from cqb to field
    other notes: OOTB i would like the most range i can get and versitality due to changing field conditions, due to reason's i do not plan on doing to many upgrades outside of repair work
  2. Tyrnek

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    M14? In CQB? Yeah, I'd have to say that that's... less than optimal.

    I'm a little confused. You say you already have an M4, but because lots of other people on your field run those you want something different... like an M4. Am I following you correctly?

  3. articbandit

    articbandit New Member

    Kind of? The ics is currently the only m4 on the market i like the look of. As far as cqb goes i tend to stick to longer hallways compared to going room to room
  4. theonlyBuster

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    S. Florida
    This thread surprised me, I was expecting you to mention you want ICS for the split gearbox build so you may quickly and easily swap the gun between field and CQB.

    But for sheer versatility, I'd recommend the M4 platform over the M14. Lots of aftermarket parts to modify the gun in TONS of ways. The M14 has aftermarket parts, but no where near as many options as the M4 has, even on a bad day.
  5. MrObjectivo

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    If you have to pick between those two, go with the m4. If you want another great gun option, pick up the mid-size Krytac. (CRB?) they are great full metal guns that stick out from a normal m4 as they have a key mod rail. They also have a built in mosfet, which is nice.