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Well, how do I want to start this... I bid and won what I thought was a used ICS Mp5 for $92. That used Mp5 is actually brand new... It was just in a beat up box.
Air gun Trigger Wood Gun barrel Gun accessory

There's virtually no wear on anything.
Font Metal Space Wood Carmine

So now I am conflicted. When i was bidding i thought HPA body because well that made sense. Now i kinda wanna make it into an aeg, but not overkill. Just something that can run my 11.1, no issues. I only have a fps benchmark which is 350.

Anyone got an suggestions. I haven't built anything not fast in quite awhile.
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Danerd's suggestions are probably much smarter... but if it were me....

Go 35K-40K motor, and probably replace the piston. Keep everything else.

Lonex GB shell if you feel fancy (brillarmory has them right now) I think WGC shop even has a version with an MP5 selector.

Oh, and put dielectric grease on the trigger contacts so you don't need a MOSFET.
Old school tricks lives!

OOOO, i didnt think of that. Thats a good idea becuase I was about to ask if that fuse and trolley setup will even survive a 11.1.
Course it will, just not forever, the failure of trigger trolleys on high voltage is greatly exaggerated.

Yes, it happens, but no, not "instantly", like over 35K SA shots will one really start to notice pitting or tab degradation on "some" models...other much longer...but that grease will severaly mitigate that issue.
It was fine when it went in and powered their line for over 4 years. It will be fine now...
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At over 100.00 for the motor, no not worth it...
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253fps with .20g is not stock form that AEG was around ~340fps.
That may be due to your bbs, what are you using?
Try a better bb.... like a cultist and Jim Jones compound...
1 - 6 of 21 Posts