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Well, how do I want to start this... I bid and won what I thought was a used ICS Mp5 for $92. That used Mp5 is actually brand new... It was just in a beat up box.
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There's virtually no wear on anything.
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So now I am conflicted. When i was bidding i thought HPA body because well that made sense. Now i kinda wanna make it into an aeg, but not overkill. Just something that can run my 11.1, no issues. I only have a fps benchmark which is 350.

Anyone got an suggestions. I haven't built anything not fast in quite awhile.
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Thats the motor shes got
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Oh, and put dielectric grease on the trigger contacts so you don't need a MOSFET.
OOOO, i didnt think of that. Thats a good idea becuase I was about to ask if that fuse and trolley setup will even survive a 11.1.
Will that turbo 2k motor be fine? I am not familiar with ICS stuff at all. I dont think ive even seen an ics at my field
Wether this is a good idea or not we’ll find out. I remembered i had a spare KA gb laying about. Gave it a test fit and it seems to match. I think i will transfer most of the parts over to it. I have good experiences with KA gbs where others dont. Seems to be a trend with my experiences…

May also switch to my G&G gear set (unless its the one where i messed up on short stroking it a few years back).

I think i will be adding a picoaab. More or less for peace of mind.

A madbull packing and cyma piston assembly is on the list also. Other than that, spring looks fine. Shouldve prob seen what it was chronoing at before i took it apart but oh well.

More to come… hopefully
Side note, anyone know what thread adapter i need?
All ics internals have been swapped to the KA gb. I did replace the cylinder head with a KA one. I was having a better air seal with it.

I also reshimmed the gears and it made a night and day difference sound wise. Especially removing that old grease.

I am also tempted to spend the money and get a brushless maybe… just dont know if its worth it
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