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Well, how do I want to start this... I bid and won what I thought was a used ICS Mp5 for $92. That used Mp5 is actually brand new... It was just in a beat up box.
Air gun Trigger Wood Gun barrel Gun accessory

There's virtually no wear on anything.
Font Metal Space Wood Carmine

So now I am conflicted. When i was bidding i thought HPA body because well that made sense. Now i kinda wanna make it into an aeg, but not overkill. Just something that can run my 11.1, no issues. I only have a fps benchmark which is 350.

Anyone got an suggestions. I haven't built anything not fast in quite awhile.
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Danerd's suggestions are probably much smarter... but if it were me....

Go 35K-40K motor, and probably replace the piston. Keep everything else.

Lonex GB shell if you feel fancy (brillarmory has them right now) I think WGC shop even has a version with an MP5 selector.

Oh, and put dielectric grease on the trigger contacts so you don't need a MOSFET.

Feeding issues are always fun to work out.
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1 - 2 of 21 Posts