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    Figured I'd bounce this idea off the heads of the masses.
    I've been working on multiple uppers for my ICS for a few months...
    As of now I have the following a lower gearbox with 1:13 (Speed) gears and a fairly nice torque motor. These are basically the constants...

    I have an upper designed for speed and CQB - short barrel, light spring and light piston. The goal was a quick trigger response and 330FPS
    There's also a "standard" upper that has a longer barrel, more standard/stock pistol, and it's shooting around 360FPS.
    Then there's my standard but higher velocity build that's basically the same as the "standard" upper, except the installed spring has me shooting avg 400FPS.

    Here's my dilemma... I'm considering adding a slighter higher velocity upper to the mix. The plan is roughly 450FPS and it's aimed more at range rather than trigger response.
    Basically a DMR is the long term goal. Now gears and gear ratios are simply not my thing. I've had many people explain it to me, and I get the basics, but beyond that I'm pretty stupid (not ignorant but stupid to it).

    Should I make a lower gearbox with a bit more torque than speed or do you think the 1:13 gears and a decent torque motor will pull a (let's say) M130 spring with little issue.
    Battery will likely be a 11.1v 40c Lipo

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    A had a JG Blue pulling an m130 on 13:1s no problem but it just wasnt as clean and crisp as an AMP T5000L pulling the same m130 with a spacer and a heavier piston on 18:1s. From what i remember RPS was about the same but trigger response is better with the AMP + 18:1. The AMP + 18:1 also gets a good bit of overspin...about halfway back which is probably what helped trigger response since 16tpa on 18:1 should be fairly similar to 22tpa on 13:1s assuming enough current is available.
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    Any half decent neo magnet motor will easily pull an M130 spring on 13:1 ratio gears with a 30+ amp battery. I ran an M150 spring with 13:1 ratio gears and an SHS high torque in my RPK, it pulled it with little effort at 32 rps with a 56 amp 11.1V li-po battery. That motor was a 16TPA, a higher TPA motor with equivalent or higher magnet strength would pull it even easier.

    My new favorite motor is the Guarder ITU, it will pull the M130 on 13:1 ratio gears and barely even heat up. I installed one in my G&G "pistol" M4, pulling an M120 on 13:1 ratio gears with a 56amp 11.1V li-po at 33rps. I can pretty much dump entire hicap magazines and it will barely heat up, and it has excellent trigger response. It will do nicely for your setup and is even reasonably priced, significantly cheaper than Lonex or Tienly motors and about the same price as SHS and ZCI motors.
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    Good to know. Thanks for the info guys. Definitely makes this build idea must more reasonable.

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