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Any half decent neo magnet motor will easily pull an M130 spring on 13:1 ratio gears with a 30+ amp battery. I ran an M150 spring with 13:1 ratio gears and an SHS high torque in my RPK, it pulled it with little effort at 32 rps with a 56 amp 11.1V li-po battery. That motor was a 16TPA, a higher TPA motor with equivalent or higher magnet strength would pull it even easier.

My new favorite motor is the Guarder ITU, it will pull the M130 on 13:1 ratio gears and barely even heat up. I installed one in my G&G "pistol" M4, pulling an M120 on 13:1 ratio gears with a 56amp 11.1V li-po at 33rps. I can pretty much dump entire hicap magazines and it will barely heat up, and it has excellent trigger response. It will do nicely for your setup and is even reasonably priced, significantly cheaper than Lonex or Tienly motors and about the same price as SHS and ZCI motors.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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