ICS PCR-97 M4 with ris rareish?

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    I mentioned an ics I recently got for $100 and I thought it was a ics 22 ris for a while, but im pretty sure its actually a ics pr-97 with ris and an adjustable stock and the old grey body. However the body is somewhat worn and some of the paint is coming off and its missing the flash hider and has a wiggly ris and front sight. But I still think its cool as its an ics and has the split body if I wanna tinker with it.

    Maybe I keep looking at brands like ics because when I was into airsoft quite a few years ago I remember brands like ics, g&p, kwa, and polarstar being mentioned quite a bit and back when krytac I would assume was just getting started or didnt exist yet. Plus the split gearbox sounds nice if I wanna open it up. So maybe I have a soft spot for it as I know they were popular once upon a time lol.

    But speaking of the ics 22, I saw one for sale for like $230 that I was tempted to buy as well. It was rebuilt with new parts that used to be a training rifle with a body that looks new. I skipped out on it though as I dont wanna get carried away with buying more stuff lol.

    Im just curious because I was looking it up and saw this video about Astokil23 getting his hands on one in pretty good condition.
    The Old Gray Rifle - ICS PCR-97 M4 AEG - YouTube
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    You can still find PCR-97s floating around at times. A few of us here have them (myself included) and we all seem to get enjoyment out them. Sure its somewhat dated, but I still see no other major companies trying to be as innovative as ICS was ~10-12 years ago today. I guess it goes to show how the industry has stagnated as time has gone on.
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    I was looking around and apparently there are some for sale and being made but they have black bodies. The older ones that are no longer made have the grey body.

    Also, I seem to have picked up a few dated guns, like the kwa cqr and km4, as well as this gun. I don’t mind an older gun if it still can be competitive and does was it needs to do and I can still get enjoyment out of it.
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    Competitive? It's not the AEG. It's the user.

    This is due to guideline that you should not exceed 400fps with .20g bbs.

    Thus if you have a bb dispenser that meet's the criteria, you can be competitive, for everyone shoots the 6mm ball and thus the only discerning factor is the user.

    Back, in 2004, I took out three players at Special Forces Paintball in Rockford, MN with my back-up gun and I didn't even fire a shot.

    I surrendered all of them by tree dancing up close to their position and then I signaled for my team members to lay cover fire on their bunker. When bbs were pelting the bunker, I closed the last 40' and yelled surrender while pointing a Tanaka Revolver at them over the top of the bunker.

    And the flip side of this is that there is always a "rich" kid with a $800.00 tuned and decked out AEG. These kids would always be the first few to walk off the field because they keep getting shot. Most of the time from the side...
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    Yeah I guess that makes sense it’s more so the user than anything as long as you have a gun that is functional. As for the kid with the $800 gun I havent dealt with that or stuff like the people who don’t call their hits or spam their super high rof gun on full auto and hit you a few extra times after you call hit and whatnot else as I’ve just done backyard/ field skirmishes with friends I know so far.
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    Ocean Springs
    That is one long sentence! Try saying that on one breath!:D
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    Lol sorry, that maybe could’ve used a bit more periods mixed in. And sometimes my paragraphs might carry on a tad long sometimes as well.
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    A really well tuned gun does provide an advantage though. However it's useless if you cant get it to where it needs to be on the field.

    I remember seeing the fancy ics mp5s on the fields years ago. I havent seen one of those in years. I wonder if those are worth anything now.

    Today the norm is hpa, tuned hop ups and snappy aegs. Semi is basically the new auto. That's the biggest change I've seen, trigger response is a big factor in cqb in my opinion.

    It is annoying to be overshot 3 to 5 times from 3 feet tho.
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    The gray body PCR-97's (ie the originals) are old school and definitely not as common to see. That being said...I have 2 (with an extra upper that I'm building to a mk12). They are great guns. Both of mine have 13:1 gears and high torque motors and are extremely snappy (I built them for trigger response not rof and I love them). Very solid guns...

    (Don't mind the Sigs, even though those are also ICS)