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  1. magkill

    magkill New Member

    WHats the best ics m4 full metal?
  2. marine121496

    marine121496 Wahahaha~ Supporting Member

    Ann Arbor
    You have eleven threads some notable names are
    Whats the best pistol
    Whats the best mp5k
    Brands of airsoft guns
    Top brands of aeg.
    I really think you need to stop asking a bunch of these "whats the best" format questions and just do some research, if you're trying to buy a gun then follow that sticky about gun format and I'd be happy to help for one, but you're always too vague in your threads, there are guns for different situations and different people like different guns. There is no "best"

  3. Shiftyshooter

    Shiftyshooter Learn from your mistakes. Lifetime Supporter

    Yet another pointless thread. How about you try to do some research on your own? Get online, look into online stores and when you find something you are interested in, ask your questions.
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