I'd like a honest opinion about my video

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    I would like you guys give your opinion about my new video:
    (sorry for bad english, not my native language)

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    Zero issues with language, though my focus was on what was on screen. The visuals are superb at grabbing my attention.
    I have 2 negative things though.

    1. The text in the beginning, it could have stayed on screen a bit longer. By the time I noticed what it was, it was too late and I didn't get a chance to read or understand any of it. So give the text more time, or over-lay it on top of the first few seconds of the video.

    2. Though the visuals were nice, I can't figure out the point of the video. Is it to show off airsoft play, a teaser trailer for an events??? I simply do not know.
    I wanted to guess it was a field, but I didn't see enough of the field. I feel like I watched a series of action scenes from a movie trailer but there was no dialogue and nothing to really tie everything together. So in the end, it feels like pieces of a movie that I'll never see because I never got a name or general plot.

    BUT the visuals are great and transitions are nice and soft. And though it's a negative point, it's a faint negative point, the grenade at 1:04 felt like a VERY long scene that led to nothing. 5 seconds of watching a grenade bounce with no climactic mark/point was torturous

    Summary: Great filming, but what were trying to convey to the audience???

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    Thank you, bro. I will try to make it better :)