If you could buy anything...

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  1. _Wolf_

    _Wolf_ New Member

    The Night
    Several APCs, 2 T99s, 150+ acres of transitional MOUT, my entire team Icoms, money to operate a milsim only field where I judge who is allowed, enough players for said field, Airsoft HALO and HAHO jumps, plane for said insertions, 2 blackhawks, 2 MI-24 HINDS, not ****ing lame scenarios, this would be on a river and lake as well, so Invasions and storming the beach, while doing underwater operations and such in the river, On site shop, banned hicaps, and sleeper ops with NODs. So like Berget, except WAY more badass and often. And I want a god d*** husky but NOOOO. >:[
  2. Overwatch97

    Overwatch97 Active Member

    I would buy a Huey Helicopter with 2 airsoft mini guns mounted on each door for gunners to operate, Awesome close air support.

  3. mnmetalhead1

    mnmetalhead1 GBB FTW Supporting Member

    i would buy a few GBBRs, a systema super max, some ICSs, and all the stuff to match my cusins load out, i might want to buy a big warehouse and lots of land behind it so i could set up a shop/indoor/outdoor field too
  4. RCV

    RCV New Member

    A 10 acre field with OSB rooms, bunkers, and walls along with hundreds of 55gal drums, and hundreds of hay bails. Epic field.

    DSG G&P mk18 (soon)
    CA SL8 DMR
    TM 5-7
    Reliably fast XCR
    Flyye FAPC with ideal pouches

    All my wants are somewhat reasonable and I'm on my to acquiring them. My dad has the field and bails. I just need the money for OSB boards and barrels. Or craigslist free ads.
  5. akasuperfreak6

    akasuperfreak6 New Member

    Ghost recons gunsmith but for airsoft a giant field with bunkers castles thick woods and a gigantic field and everyone on airsoft forums play there every weekend
  6. Dish

    Dish New Member

    A G&P Zombie Killer or MK.
  7. AS4E

    AS4E New Member

    A Echo1 MkII AEG SAW with a custom triple box mag, a 10.8 volt battery, a tokyo mauri ultra high torque motor, M130 spring, 6.01 madbull tightbore, an ACOG scope mounted on the rail, a tactical pistol grip with finger grooves and a CQB outer barrel.
  8. Dish

    Dish New Member

    Why not the G&P version?
  9. Kolby

    Kolby Member

    Mt. Pleasant
    An M16a4 Inotaksu with a sh*t ton of mags, an eotech 557, and sprinkle in some Magpul.
  10. ncore

    ncore New Member

    I would buy the red wood forest and turn it into a giant airsoft field. You thought the fight scene from the movie Avatar was good? Now you can live it (- the 12ft tall blue people w/ bows and spears)
  11. mnmetalhead1

    mnmetalhead1 GBB FTW Supporting Member

    lol, now that i think about it i would also want a Marushin M2 Carbine the M1 carbine was the fist gun i got from my dad, so it would have more meaning than just value, it would remind me of that M1 he gave me
  12. newbie0711

    newbie0711 New Member

    I'm goona go with a 2 dollar springer
  13. Scarred

    Scarred Active Member

    Good choice, good choice. Those things never fail. They just don't. I have one. It shoots 50fps and has a maximum effective range of 15ft. It is the best gun I have by far!
  14. Notreago1114

    Notreago1114 New Member

    I hAve to say...predator missle
  15. Zombiepwnr

    Zombiepwnr New Member

    Mont Clare
    Rubber KA BAR Famine Tanto.

    OR an M1 paratrooper carbine. NO, a Wrthog gun!!!!


    I need to go lie down after all that win.

    Its KA BAR you n00b.
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  16. johnny3tears13

    johnny3tears13 New Member

    A full on working replica of a warthog from halo reach with an echo 1 minigun mounted to the back
  17. blowback2000

    blowback2000 New Member

    Well, actually i would buy a state( don't know which one) and make it an air soft war! People can( after signing something which means they agree that they might get hurt) parachute out of bombers, rappel down buildings and out of helicopters! Under the watchful eye of loads of marshals. Live actors as civilians, if you pick right go towards getting promoted. Your side (russians v americans) will be determined by your weapon and uniform. Airsoft mortars, medics and civilians you gain extra points for sparing and saving. Also there would be laptops located around the area which is "intel" and hidden weapons( SAW's, M60's, RPG's). And also you would have a rank and you would get promoted or de-ranked due to your performance and effort, there would be small squads that stick together and receive commands from their CO All the squads helping and contributing to the war effort. One medic, one gunner, one sniper, two riflemen and a CO. there would be forest/field battles and city/town battles also there would be smoke grenade's hidden around. Every body that would be parachuted in would only be carrying sidearms and proper weapons would be parachuted near by. The also would be old style rifle's and shotguns on display in home's. The civilian's ( actor's may also have useful items that the share with there saviour when saved, tell also warn there saviours of enemy locations and weapon stashes they may have seen! I understand everyone would want to be on the US side but i won't make a difference what side they pick everything will be the same on both sides, When the game ends everyone can keep anything they found and the winning team get to take any three airsoft guns from a collection of every airsoft gun in the world!
  18. Hartman96

    Hartman96 Active Member

    I would get a GBB SKS, a grenade launcher that fires projectiles that hit and throw bbs everywhere, a UAV with a real time camera and monitor, and a good helmet camera. Oh, and upgrades on all my guns :)
  19. Overwatch97

    Overwatch97 Active Member

    I would buy an AC-130 Gunship with airsoft cannons and airsoft mini guns. I would also hire a pilot to fly it while I rain down hell on the enemy. (cause I can't fly!)
  20. UsMc-alltheway

    UsMc-alltheway New Member

    Don't forget some airsoft troops for hire in the back;) and maybe a Sheridan or two;)