Im doing stuff with Riot Shields, My Ideas (Open to suggestion)

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    I've been constructing a load out similar to SF-911 Which is essentially a Cambodian counter-terrorist unit. My loadout is basically throwing SF-911 and SWAT into a blender to create some special for my cqb field.

    Some ideas I have are
    Riot Shield
    Remote-Detonated Grenades

    Im going to talk about my Riot Shield now

    Im making a home-made Riot shield with the dimesions
    43' (H) x 23' (L) x 0.6 Inch (W / Thick)
    It covers up to my neck (Im not an adult) (I'll grow.) and its an independent project, I haven't had help from my parents.
    The shield itself is made out of either Polycarbonate, or some Glass-Plastic thing.
    For those of you about to panic and being all like "That thing's going to shatter"
    I've tested it with a G&G Fire hawk at 20 RPS, a Tri-shot Shotgun, and an Eliteforce h8r.
    (Max fps at my field is 400 for non-snipers, and 500 for snipers) (No full auto) (Snipers have 100 ft engagement distance, none for everyone else excluding mini / machine guns with an engagement distance of 25 feet behind solid cover, no bang bang.)

    Its pretty light surprisingly, around 3 pounds minimum and 6 pounds max.

    I covered the edges with electric tape to more define the borders, and to make it look nicer. Its also to make sure I don't end up cutting someone because if being shot at chips the borders away someone's going to get hurt. Around the middle/center I put a solid layer of electric tape on one side going sideways 19 inches and going downwards 4.5 inches.

    The shield has this nice effect where when its being shot at you can visibly see circular markings while looking through it, these markings are similar to fog markings and they go away after around 20-60 seconds, this should in theory let me know how how many people are shooting at me, how many are hitting, and how fast their shooting.

    Alright so all I have to do is attach two handles, for two-handed and one-handed use.

    Heres my ideas.

    1 - Attach two 1000-lumen strobe flashlights to the sides of the shield, use pressure switches to make them easy to trigger via handles or use button switches to keep them on forever.
    Nothing is more scary than a person in SWAT gear coming at you with a giant shield and revolver, whats even scarier is when you can't see them coming over the sight of two bright lights being shined on YOU specifically.
    Should provide double the cover for my team, as its harder to hit people when you can't aim. Also my team-mates can shoot using the light as if you shoot indoors while a light is being shined, it lets you see the full path of the BB while its heading towards it's target.

    2 - Drill a hole through the center near the top/head, either attach a shotgun, aeg, grenade launcher, or make it big enough to fit a gun barrel into it. Make multiple.
    The way this would work is that I'd turn the shield sideways and lay down behind it with some team-mates. I'd shoot through the holes and since gun-hits count its perfectly fair. It'd essentially be a mobile kill-hole, or a mobile shotgun room clear machine.

    3 - Cut the shield in half, attach it via rail-mounts to the sides of my G&G Firehawk, drum mag the Firehawk, get it classified as machine-gun, find an LMG mount that has a 360 degree rotation, instant mobile machine gun with solid cover. (Would weigh 20 pounds)

    4 - Attach parts of the riot shield to my Firehawk once I DMR it, essentially giving me cover while being fair as now my gun weighs 9 pounds from 5 + any ammo.

    5 - Find a way to implement straps or velcro tighteners onto it in order to mount it to the side of one's hand in order to use both a 2-handed gun and the shield.

    Im open to any any ideas.