I'm Embaressed of my loadout

Discussion in 'General Airsoft Discussion' started by Zultan, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. Zultan

    Zultan New Member

    Okay so my gun is just fine, but on the other hand my clothes... :(
    I wear Carhart Cacky colered insulated pants, A ReelTree AP Jacket, MossyOak Infinity Gloves, a Zombie Mesh Mask, a Backwards ReelTree Hat, and some Tan WaterProof Timberland Pro Boots.

    A good set of clothes is last priority right now because I need to buy tires (Super Swampers) for my truck and shells for Turkey and Duck hunting.

    I am embarresed to go to public airsoft areas to play because I think il look stupid. Any suggestions?
  2. Dante

    Dante New Member

    you don't know those people who cares what they think?

    if they say something about you looking stupid, make them look stupid in game by being better than they are.

  3. Zultan

    Zultan New Member

    Yes I believe you are right I just feel so... Under looked when im playing, because someone will take one look at me and be like, DING DING DING we have our distraction!
  4. S1kkguy

    S1kkguy New Member

    Let your gameplay do the talking mate. You take part in airsoft because it's your hobby, something to invest your free time in after a weeks hard work or whatever you do. Don't let a bunch of wankers ruin it.

    Gear is nice but not essential, it certainly doesn't dictate your value on the field.
  5. Zultan

    Zultan New Member

    Thanks guys youve really helped my ego on the field. :)
  6. rblevinski

    rblevinski Active Member Supporting Member

    My friend use to play in sweat pants a hoodie and skiing goggles. Everyone looked at him and said stuff like he was a "noob." He went out and beat them down on the field and no one said another word about his clothes. Lesson of the story. You don't need all the fancy tactical gear. Is it helpful? Yes. Is it necessary? No. Just show them up on the field.
  7. Knief

    Knief Moderator Moderator

    Ann Arbor
    Or, just buy a set of surplus camo for $20 at your local surplus store and don't go to see Django in theaters. Or, go to your local Salvation Army store or thrift shop and pick up a pair of khaki cargo pants that don't look like work pants and a black/navy/grey polo for pocket change. It doesn't take a lot of money to look presentable on the field, and the more guys look the part, the better the experience is for everybody. Even if you're just playing rec games, the fact that we all chose airsoft means we're all looking for a bit of realism. When players show up in whatever they had in the closet, the experienced players aren't scoffing at them because they're dorks or losers. They're annoyed that this guy made no effort beyond opening his closet to look the part dictated by the nature of the game. It's frustrating because it puts a damper on the feel of the game for everybody else.
  8. TacticalChef

    TacticalChef New Member

    San Francisco


    When i see people out in a hoodie and some jeans, i'm not thinking they aren't a decent player, just that they are breaking that illusion we like to put up during games. Just grabbing a basic set of gear really isn't that pricey, and it adds so much more to the atmosphere of games.
    It's also so much fun to see people I know all decked out like SF soldiers, knowing what the usually look like and how they act on a day to day basis.
  9. BoogerMc

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  10. Lefse

    Lefse Well-Known Member Supporting Member

    Bah, I've seen players wearing jeans and a sweater using a cheap china AEG take out guys with realistic loadouts and high end AEG's. At a milsim event you might wanna consider something a bit more, heh, milsim, but for regular skirmishing your outfit doesn't really matters. What's important that you don't wear bright colors for obvious reasons, it's also good if your clothes are comfortable and durable.

    A "non-pro" outfit can even give you a tactical advantage, as you might get underestimated and even ignored by players hunting those "professional" players or by "professional" players themselves, as they won't consider you a threat.
  11. Psymon

    Psymon New Member

    That's what I was thinking... Used BDU's aren't that expensive.
  12. Zultan

    Zultan New Member

    So realisticaly if I replaced my Realtree jacket with a tan or black T shirt it would look better?
  13. warriorairsoft444

    warriorairsoft444 New Member

    It does not matter what people think when I go out in public and play airsoft half the people are wearing jeans and hoodies
  14. Raptor282

    Raptor282 Active Member

    Really all you need for a contractor loadout is a pair if jeans and a black/tan/od polo shirt. And another plus is that you can wear them any day.
  15. fireteamdelta

    fireteamdelta Member

    just wear what you like and what feels best while playing
  16. Caveman25

    Caveman25 New Member

    I agree here, its almost like the fourth wall in a movie, not to look at the camera. The illusion of realism is there for many people because thats what sets the game apart. Nobody should look down on you for your clothing. That should be the least of their worries.
    And putting together a decent enough look isn't that expensive at all. I got a OD shirt, a cheapo belt and some used woodland BDU's for $25, and I wear it mixed in with my regular clothes from time to time hahah.
    Basically, whatever works for you, well... works.
  17. McGee

    McGee New Member

    San Francisco
    Buy used, or get 'hand me down' camo. There's plenty of surplus among airsofters, too ;)

    I have given DCU and received BDU. People get fat, and people lose weight. Just ask around.
  18. AirRaider19

    AirRaider19 New Member

    My uncle was in Vietnam, and came back with a little somethin perfect for airsoft. He brought back his whole combat uniform that I'm going to use to make a new loadout. I'll post some pics when it's finished.
  19. redtail

    redtail Member

    The most fun I ever had with any airsoft loadout, was khaki capri pants, a loose white and blue striped part-button smock, a coolie hat and a rice bag.

    At a Modern Warfare 2 themed event.

    Of course, I actively work to defy function in camouflage, instead choosing fatigues for psychological value.
    So looking ridiculous is awesome.
  20. chitoryu12

    chitoryu12 Active Member

    My gear is a green t-shirt of some kind and comfortable jeans. I want a tactical vest just so I can carry stuff easier and some old BDUs to make crawling easier, but I don't need them to play. It's just comfortable in a Florida summer and doesn't make me stand out when I'm hiding; I managed to get within 100 feet of the enemy base and go 10 minutes without being spotted.