Increase Range

Discussion in 'Electric Guns' started by CallsignPyro, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. TheAirsoftTech

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    A simple Google search would benefit you, ways to increase is all the same:


    R-hop+ Promi TBB+ .25's or .28's+ m110= good range. If of course your compression is good.

  2. SilentVectorX

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    San Angelo
    1st, high quality .25g or heavier BB's.
    2nd, tune up the compression and hopup.
    3rd, drop in an M120 spring and/or install Prometheus 6.03mm barrel.
    Install an R-hop either during step 2, or when you get the Promy barrel.
  3. milkshake38

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    As these guys have said. Go look at Tackett's hop up guide in the stickies and make sure your hop up is set. I'm guessing you aren't the highest skilled tech so I say stay away from Rhop and try on of the other methods. A new barrel won't hurt either but you don't really need one. Also don't forget about heavier bbs