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Inner and outer Extenstions

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So I'm getting a WE-Tech 416 (14.5 inch barrel) GBBR replica.

I want to make the barrel shorter but still get great range, so I'm looking into Suppressor "Barrel Extensions" I want an extension that comes with a inner barrel already built into the "Suppressor" it's self. I want the Extension to have a purpose and also not for the gun to look stupid when I take the extension off and a inner barrel exposed. That way I can take the "Suppressor" off and have a shorter barrel and then put it back on when I want when I want more range.

Example -
Except that extension is for an MP7.

Thank you and I would appreciate any help.
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Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but every "suppressor" I've seen with an inner barrel extension has actually decreased overall range and accuracy.

In order to line up with the existing barrel and not interfere with the shot, the extension needs to be a larger diameter than the original. The larger diameter of the extension will not aid in the travel of the round in any meaningful way and any misalignment will be detrimental to its performance.

A properly tuned short barrel and hop-up should still deliver reasonable performance at range.
Thank you, I won't worry about it then.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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