2 stark arms g43 (4 mags total) one is brand new, the other was used minimally and has a Trident tech steel slide and outer barrel. It will include the originals as well.

2 Ghk g5s both with authentic magpul pistol grips, tan and black one has a metal charging handle and longer/tighter than stock inner barrel and longer flash suppressor. Total of 6 ghk tan magpul style mags (1 has small crack near fill valve) and 4 black ghk pmag style mags.

1 Tascam red dot sight

2 magpul ar reciever sets

1 standard ar pistol grip

2 noveske flaming pig "loudeners"

1 pistol mk112 rail system

Ambi charging handle

1 Ics l85 AEG painted black pistol grip and foregrip.

7 AEG mags some high and some low capacity

6 different foregrips

1 glock 17 replica nearly new
1 glock 23 converted to semi auto only
5 standard capacity mags and 2 extended

1 hk bolt carrier

1 LaRue tactical forged lower reciever

2 buffers (1 steel, 1 aluminum)

1 chronograph missing some screws but I can maybe find some for it.

2 tenergy chargers

2 battery's unknown condition

1 airsoft innovation gascan to reload gbb mags on the go.

1 unknown gbb mag internals

1 propane nozzle

Couple backstraps for the glocks

Imi defense rail system for m4

Various glock internals

3 speed loaders

1 AEG gearset

Several buckings

Several new springs for various gbb pistol and rifle magazines.

1 spring rifle nozzle

1 imi defense small flashlight rail mount.

If I can find anymore stuff I will include it as well.