Interesting Mods for KWA ERG

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  1. Recoil-Savvy Airsofter

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    Really enjoy making my own designs for KWA ERG.

    4 mods here:
    1. Realistic dummy bolt (looks almost like a GBBR)
    2. Modular Stock System (fits all types of batteries)
    3. Muzzle Break (can be an amplifier or a mini silencer, depends on your local laws!)
    4. The Recoil-Boost Adapter

    Personally, I just love the look of the "realistic" dummy bolt - it looks almost like a GBBR! The battery compartment is easily swappable and I'm designing a much slimmer version for a cooler look!


    Short demo and shooting:

    More in-depth details:

    Will be doing the blowback mod soon: