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    I feel that there should be a thread for each internal part of an airsoft electric gun. I know a few of the major parts such as the gearbox and hop up and what not. But i have no extremely detailed knowledge and would like to be educated on this matter expertly. So i ask that a 101 guide be created in the format of naming each piece, adding a picture, explaining what its function is, and the best brands.
    This is not a thread for arguments or conversation. Please be detailed and speak as if i know absolutely nothing about the gun.
    I have made another request for this in gas guns and spring guns.
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  2. TheInfidel23

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    What you're asking is pretty easily found in disassembly videos and other guides. There's not really a reason to build such a detailed guide here.

    I would be inclined to build such a guide, as I've started work like that before, but this information is so prevalent it would be a waste of time.

  3. JCL

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    Maybe not make an entirely new guide, but maybe put together a collection of links to high quality guides and videos? I'm not very knowledgeable in aegs as i dont use them much at all, so I'm not sure exactly what would be needed.
  4. Cslade17

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    With that kind of attitude. Most questions asked in the forum are unnecessary as they could possivly be googled. Ive already attempted to use it. There isnt a detailed guide. Thats why id like one made for the forum users
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    We should publish a series of books instead. I'll write the one titled "The Tappet Plate and You". I'm sure I'll find a way to write 200 or so pages about a piece of plastic.