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    Hello, first comment on the airsoft society.:)

    This is my personal project, I d like to share with everyone. A mobile app for playing airsoft and paintball game. It could tracking your and your teammates' location.Marking threat on map to share with your team real-time in a convenient way. I called it “BattleLink”.

    There are already have some powerful apps for GPS tracking like “BattleTac" and "Personal eye system". And they have huge features, like grid system,router navigation, nato military symbol and etc. It seems they could use in profession milsim, even in a real military operation. When I made this app, I am trying to make it simple for gaming using, the other reason is developing resource limit(Yes, the programmer and designer are me), So there are not so much features but also it could be more easy to use.

    As you see the picture, Player could host a event or join in other’s event, It likes a online game lobby, you could set event title, briefing, field location, maximum number of members. And there is option for password, it could only for your friends or every one could join in.


    In the map scene, just long pressing on the screen, when a menu pop out, select the mark you want and it will marked on the map. Very easy isn’t it? When you selected a mark. Using the same way, long pressing on screen then select the move selection, the mark will move to the position you want. If you want to have some special annotation. You could select the mark, then pressing the tag button and input your text. Also you could deleting it or center the map view position on it by pressing other buttons.


    When you carry your refile in field. It is not easy for taking out your iPhone then unlock the screen to view the map. So I made some work on it. “BattleLink” could update the map view on the lock screen about every few seconds. If there is update information received, the app will make a voice of ping, user could just take out the phone and light their screen to view the latest situation.

    This app is first released at a early stage. Surely it had bugs and defects. In future I would make some improvement and add necessary features. And I ‘d like to receive your feedback or suggestions.Hope you could enjoy it and have a good hunting.

    Almost forget to say It is totally free. :D
    You could searching “BattleLink” in App Store
    Below are the download link and Facebook page
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