IPSC or Combat competition in mesa AZ

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    My name is john Kennedy, I can be reached at ppps@cox.net.

    For the past three years I have been trying to get Airsoft people interested in combat types competition, or IPSC competition people interested in weekly matches in the evenings for practice.

    I'm 69 years old and not able to to as much as I used to. I'm retired, I have 28 years of law enforcement experience. I have been an instructor most of that time. I specialized in pistol trainin and police tactical development. I have also been a regional police combat marksman winner many years standing. I've been a regular competitor in local combat matches at Rio Sladio.
    For the last three years I have been dreaming up airsoft targets that would be effective in Airsoft pistol or rifle competition. Of late I have considered trying to setup a three gun match, pistol, rifle, shotgun.

    My largest problem is that I have not been able to find people interested in such a competition with airsoft nor have I been able to find a place to demonstrate. These competitions could rotate to anyone with a backyard or garage that would not be in general public view for obvious reasons. I've put up posters and set up a web page on yahoo without much luck.

    I would like to assist in such a program, but my health at present is a limiting factor.

    I love to shoot, and love to compete. My main problem is lack of shooting partners.

    This note is an appeal to anyone who might be the slightest interested. I would like to be contacted. I would love to set some time with anyone interested who could come and I could demonstrate targets, courses of fire. My personal background and knowledge which I would be glad to use to assist such a shooting program to begin.

    A side note to the close order battle guys is that the skills developed in ipsc or idpa matches would be invaluable to them. If there was an interest we could even set up training classes on room entry and hallway travel and areas of tactical responsibility.

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    You should contact VIP Airsoft in Mesa. They have a nice indoor CQB arena. Maybe that is something they would be interested in developing with you.

  3. falcor

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    Regrettably, I have been there done that. I contacted the owner of VIP WITH an offer to bring in targets and set up one or two scenarios. I recommended that we allow people to shoot the scenarios while they're waiting for their turn to shoot on the course.

    I didn't get an outright refusal, but was just allowed to die on the vine as I was never given a time when I could come down there and set up.

    If you live in the mesa area and are interested in trying IPSC give me a call. We are RE landscaping the backyard right now and the targets are down until they finish.

    I would be glad to hear from you again and if you have any friends who would be interested I would be willing to setup a short match.

    Take care

    John Kennedy AKA FALCOR