Is an airsoft sniper pointless?

Discussion in 'Rules of Engagement' started by black_jacket, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. black_jacket

    black_jacket New Member

    I have a sniper rifle, and I like the range, but most guys move to much to get a shot off most of the time. What do you guys think?
  2. Star_folder

    Star_folder Active Member

    You will need to upgrade it to have an advantage. Otherwise you will not.

    You should also learn to aim at moving targets.

  3. black_jacket

    black_jacket New Member

    Cool, thanks. I have upgraded it to 480 fps.

    TYSONtheSNIPER New Member

    Does that mean you just dropped in a new spring? Because to truly make it worthwhile you'll need to put A LOT more into it then that.
  5. McGee

    McGee New Member

    San Francisco
    In my opinion, yes.

    That's all I was going to say, but not enough characters...

    Shoot a guy from far away. Sit, wait, shoot another guy.

    If the only objective is to shoot guys, then, I guess a sniper rifle gives you a range advantage. Wow. Like having two queens instead of a king playing chess.

    If you have any objective, my question is - why shoot the guy? Have you coordinated with others on your side to take his position? Are you actually doing overwatch for someone, for a reason?
    Almost always the answers are 'no', even at 'MILSIM' games.
  6. Auditore

    Auditore New Member

    A sniper can be a valuable asset to a team if they know how to do their job right. A sniper is supposed to take out specific targets such as team leaders, V.I.P's, other snipers, and other assigned targets. Think of them as a precision strike on a target. They also fulfill the role of another pair of eyes out on the battlefield as they can scout enemy positions and if they have a means of communication with the rest of the team, they can offer real-time combat evaluations and can be used to identify the best paths to an objective. Very handy if you ask me. The snipers that are useless though are those that just pick up any cheap sniper rifle and go around "no-scoping" as they call it while wearing a pair of jeans and a Dr. Pepper t-shirt and yelling out, "COVER ME I'M RE-LOADING!!!" A trained sniper is a very handy tool in your toolbox of warfare.
  7. MamothBear

    MamothBear New Member

    Auditore. You described what I refer to as Bait. Also very important in an ambutsh. :p Snipers have a place. Snipers are gathering agents as well and when paired with a spoter can easily take out several other players in "key" points. MOUT games are great for snipers and DM with their handy dandy spotters.
  8. Archer627

    Archer627 Active Member

    Snipers. One of my favorite assets on the battlefield. Seriously, sometimes they can make or break a game. I sometimes snipe, and, to be honest, it's got to be one of funnest things you can do in a game if you like adreneline. Lol. They can easily engage targets at long range with a properly tuned rifle.
  9. matthewzguitarz

    matthewzguitarz New Member

    I would say they are useful, if used right. If they are going to go out on their own and kill unimportant people on the enemy team, then they are useless. If they are going to be doing recon, identifying targets, taking out leaders, and helping their team, then they are useful.
  10. Dante

    Dante New Member

    we've had a few situations where our sniper was useful on my team, but i'd never say that i've ever expereienced a sniper making or breaking a game. just my experience though.

    but yes a sniper is a good asset, and if your only complaint is that people are movingt around to much, then learn to shoot a moving target.
    what kind of field to play on? indoor CQB? out door wooded/field/swamp? outdoor urban?
    all of those things affect how useful sniping is.
  11. Dennarb

    Dennarb New Member

    I have a friend who snipes, and it is terrifying, he is an expert at stealth, and i have had bbs come within inches of my head. So yes snipers are worth it if you know how to use them
  12. thevaliantx

    thevaliantx New Member

    I bet I'd be a good sniper, I'm just sneaky in general (most people don't even know I'm walking up behind them in real life, and I adjust my walking pace to match theirs....thanks marching band). :D
  13. Magpulman

    Magpulman Active Member

    There's a lot mire to it than being sneaky.
  14. I_Am_Coopa

    I_Am_Coopa New Member Supporting Member

    A sniper is helpful only if they have the mental capacity and skill to be effective. To be an effective sniper requires: stealth, skill, patience, critical thinking, knowledge of land, and a good rifle. If they can do all of that right, they are damn scary. Sniping is more about the psychological effect, rather the physical impact.
  15. WolfHeart

    WolfHeart New Member

    Stealthy is just a hair on the head of the art of sniping. There is much, much MUCH more to it than that. A sniper is your intel. He has eyes wherever you need them. A sniper can watch routes of movement, enemy HQ's, hell, a good sniper can get within LISTENING distance of a commander and relay their orders to their higher ups. It is more than "one shot one kill". It is about being an asset to your team
  16. COASTsniper1

    COASTsniper1 Active Member

    Sniping, while the hardest job out there, is my favorite thing to do in airsoft. But I've taken the time to learn several stealth tactics and how to manipulate a weaker rifle to outperform. I've sniped for three years, and this being with basically the same group of people. I said that because a sniper needs to be unpredictable. To this day, the guys that I've skirmished with can't figure me out. The sniper is a very smart individual (not bragging on myself). He knows his teammates, he knows his enemy, and he knows the capabilities of both sides guns, as well as his own. Knowing when to take the shot is the most important thing to learn. The enemy could be too close, they could be too far away, there could be too many for the sniper to take out. Waiting is a key factor. If everyone you play with is running, then don't shoot. Just wait, because they can't run forever. Also shooting when they are not looking at you is a good thing to do. I know that some situations require you to shoot a target that may be looking your way, but if it can be avoided, then go that route. If the shot is placed correctly, they will think it came from a completely different direction.
    Just my two cents though :D
    Happy new year everyone!
  17. alphacoder

    alphacoder New Member


    That is very true. Snipers should not be picking off random people. There's more to it. A good sniper will eliminate the leaders or winning players and identifying targets for their team.
  18. CallsignDusty

    CallsignDusty Member

    I feel that Airsoft snipers are pointless, mainly because all the people I see with snipers are little kids who like to sit back at respawn and shoot anybody that comes in their sights. However, I have met some really good guys who are great at sniping, and communicating with their team.

    I feel a sniper shouldn't really stray off from his team, he should take up more of a DM role. I feel if he sticks with his squad and branches off only to engage a certain target or recon an area, he will live longer, and be more effective. But that's just me.

    Heh, new guy on the forums here, and I'm already posting a lotta stuff : P
  19. WolfHeart

    WolfHeart New Member

    Dusty: In my eyes, a DMR and a sniper are two separate roles. A DMR can reach out and touch father targets, possibly even be used to keep heads down while a rifle team advances on them. A sniper is more of a recon. He can be more of an intel asset than a shooter. A sniper needs trigger discipline more than he needs to be able to kill.

    There is a difference in a kid with an AWP screaming "Boom Headshot" and a guy in a ghillie doing The Worm to get to a hide site to provide overwatch for his team
  20. wsmith66

    wsmith66 New Member

    I wouldn't say it's totally pointless
    I've seen both and there some what similar but the one major difference is range a DMR is for closer combat and a sniper is longer range for more stealth people the point y people think sniping is pointless is they just spray until they hit there target but give away there location in the proses but sniping if u have camo on you can be hidden and keep going another thing to realize is bolt action and if you are figured out even with this said I think snipers are awesome and not pointless

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