Is Flyye gear good?

Discussion in 'Clothing / Gear' started by Bearb, Sep 16, 2012.

  1. Bearb

    Bearb New Member

    I might be getting a plate carrier from it and if anyone has any review on it or if there is anything better please let me know!
  2. VTMZ

    VTMZ Active Member

    Yes. Flyye is one of the best brands to buy gear from.

  3. Urbanprodigy

    Urbanprodigy New Member

    No Flyye sucks... Bazinga!! Flyye is very good. You won't have any problems with it at all
  4. TheAirsoftTech

    TheAirsoftTech New Member

    Lol, I read the first three words and immediately thought, Knief's going to destroy you.
  5. Grin

    Grin New Member Lifetime Supporter

    I c wut u did thar. (Bad grammar on purpose, mods! Don't kill me!)

    I have nothing to add besides affirming their responses. Flyye and Pantac are the best replica gear manufacturers on the market.
  6. Tenhoff

    Tenhoff New Member

    washington d.c
    I have a flyye vest, it's pretty good, never had problems.
  7. Dillon831

    Dillon831 New Member

    Santa Cruz
    I just received my Flyye Plate Carrier about a week ago and I have to say that it's my favorite piece of airsoft gear. It's in coyote brown and looks great to me, but the looks are only half of it.
    My first impression of it is how sturdy it is yet how light it feels. All of the MOLLE pieces are perfectly aligned and none of the lines are crooked or too narrow. Absolutely perfect in my opinion. The breathable mesh lining is a huge plus as well.
    When I put plates in the plate holders (if that's what they're called) the vest help perfect shape and is so comfortable to wear that skirmishing in it will be a dream. I regret buying my cheapo Matrix vest about 4 months ago that I only played with a few times before I realized how much it sucks, and then I bought the Flyye. Best money spent so far in airsoft in my opinion.