Is Kwa worth the money?

Discussion in 'Company Reviews' started by TylerHHAT, Jul 20, 2015.

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  1. TylerHHAT

    TylerHHAT New Member

    Hey guys I was spooning at these company reviews and didn't see a kwa one. Is it worth the money? Ice heard it isn't very upgrade able is this true?
  2. phillipcurl3

    phillipcurl3 New Member

    There are upgrade parts for KWA's and KSC's available, but they aren't TM compatible so you won't be able to use more common upgrade parts. I own 3 KWA's and I love them, and all three have had upgrades done. The more popular KWA guns have more parts, but I believe that all the newer pistols use the same rocket valve, hopup, and bucking.
    Personally, yes, I think they are worth the money. They make cool, unique, accurate to real-steel guns that are priced fairly well and are pretty damn good bone stock.
    If you want to know where you can buy upgrade parts for a KWA ask and I'll try and let you know.

  3. Noah_6

    Noah_6 Active Member

    In my opinion, KWAs are overrated. I've owned 3 KWA guns and sold them all for the same reason. Every time something went wrong and I fixed the gun, two more problems presented themselves. I've also experienced poor gas efficiency and poor accuracy as well. I'd almost take a WE over a KWA just for the greater aftermarket support. Also, KWAs are similarly prices, if not slightly cheaper than Tokyo Maruis, which have better efficiency, accuracy, and aftermarket support.

    Personally, if I want a GBB pistol, I'd go with Tokyo Marui. For a GBBR, I'd go with GHK. And for a GBB smg... well, I think KWA might win there, but not by much.
  4. vanevery

    vanevery New Member

    Really man!
    You just could not find any information on KWA in your research?

    For the love of airsoft, can we please not have any more new "what do you think about KWA threads"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Matter of fact, can that now become a forum rule?
  5. Kopis

    Kopis Active Member

    Buster you truly are the king of links.

    Buy my UBR, 60 +shipping CONUS
  6. TylerHHAT

    TylerHHAT New Member

    Thanks buster.I try need to spoon feed but I couldn't find anything
  7. theonlyBuster

    theonlyBuster Active Member Lifetime Supporter

    S. Florida
    No worries man. Simply thank my Mastery of Google.
    I'm gonna go ahead and close this. If you need it re-opened just report ([​IMG]) the thread

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